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You're not gonna miss that $5.
You're not gonna miss that $5.

Give something back before the end of the world

Think the world is ending on Friday? Then you're not going to miss the $5 you donate to your favorite charity on Thursday.

Joe Oakland, an old friend of mine, and his wife Candice came up with the Givepocalypse, a whimsical way to encourage people to give a little something extra this holiday season.

They're supporting the initiative entirely virally through Facebook, but I'll sum it up for you right here.

It's pretty easy, actually. On Dec. 20 (the Givepocalypse), give an extra $5 (or more, of course) to a charity you support and encourage your friends to do it, too.

Oakland hopes the informal campaign will raise $1,000 or more on Thursday, and your participation will certainly help.

Five dollars is pretty easy, my fellow Milwaukeeans. If the world does end, think of it as one your last good deed.

And if they world continues to fight another day, then you can sleep well on Friday knowing that you helped a charity in need.


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