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The Eighth Street School version.
The Eighth Street School version.
The Maryland Avenue version.
The Maryland Avenue version.

Dustbusters: I ain't 'fraid of no dust

The world is full of minor mysteries and this weekend I stumbled upon an extremely minor one while leading an in-depth Doors Open Milwaukee tour of Maryland Avenue Montessori School.

Up in the attic, I found a circular symbol drawn in chalk on one of the walls. In the center of the circle is a bat with the letter "A" and the date "1991" beneath it. Around the outside above the circle is the word, "Dustbusters" and on the bottom, two names: "Dave R." and "John W."

I'd likely seen this before and paid it no mind. But this time it caught my eye because when I was up in the attic at Eighth Street School a couple weeks ago, I saw nearly the same symbol drawn in chalk.

The same circle, with two shaded sections flanking the bat. The same 1991 date. Dust Busters, now two words, at the top and "John" and "Dave" listed a bit off center, to the left, with no last name initial and no "A" beneath the bat.

I tried a little Google search and all that came up was a listing for a cleaning company in Milwaukee called "Dust Busters." While this seems like a possible connection, would a cleaning company actually deface property with graffiti (even if, really, no one seems to mind much, and in neither case were these so-called Dust Busters the first to chalk something up in these attics)?

Yesterday, I posted the pictures on Facebook hoping to learn a bit more but that, so far, has led nowhere. Do you know these Dust Busters? Have you seen this symbol elsewhere in town?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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