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Wooldridge Brothers and company: Scott (left) and Brian (second from right).
Wooldridge Brothers and company: Scott (left) and Brian (second from right).

Wooldridge Brothers aim at two birds with one stone

Milwaukee's Wooldridge Brothers have a Kickstarter campaign running for a new record.

No, wait. For two new records.

Brian and Scott Wooldridge are hoping to raise $6,000 to fund a new record by their eponymous band, but also to make a new solo album by Scott -- who now lives in Minneapolis -- a reality.

At the time of writing, 33 folks have anted up $1,750 toward the projects.

"The Wooldridge Brothers are still a rock band," Scott said in a statement. "My solo stuff takes a more minimalist approach, and really tries to get down to the songs' bones."

The full-band record will include material recorded in Minneapolis with producer John Munson, who was a member of Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare.

Among the deal-sweeteners on offer to funders is the band's sampler CD, "Blast from the Past," and a vinyl 7" that will include one song from each of the new albums.

"There were a lot of ways that the two albums are linked, and our audiences are very similar, so we just thought we should go in together," said Brian, explaining why they chose to do two records in a single campaign, which is unusual.

"I've seen a lot of Kickstarter campaigns, and I've never seen one that combines two albums," Scott added. "I wasn't sure they'd accept it. I kind of crossed my fingers when I submitted the project."

The project closes on July 5 and the incentives are expected to go out around the time Scott's solo record is released, in September. The full-band release is expected to appear in 2015.


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