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I want to see those adorable pink mustaches around town soon.
I want to see those adorable pink mustaches around town soon.

I need a LYFT

Milwaukee, will we get a LYFT off here soon? I hope so, and all signs point to yes. Last night I was targeted an ad on Facebook that LYFT was looking for drivers here in Milwaukee. Have you seen it, too?

We reached out to confirm they were headed to town, and we can indeed expect them here soon. HURRAY! 

At a time when the city is upping the number of taxi permits by 100, Uber has already launched its UberBLACK service here, and LYFT is coming soon. So what are the differences? Both are car services that can get you from one place to another. One has a pink mustache (I cannot wait to see these cruising around Milwaukee) and the other is sleek and black (and, in other cities, yellow). Is that the only difference?

LYFT employs regular people who become your professional driver in their own car. You can make up to $20 an hour driving your own car, and you can choose your own hours. Uber has a staff of professional drivers to make sure you get where you need to be. And they do it very very well. I think I’ll use them both, way more than I call for a cab. That is, if the city doesn't make these new options not available for us. And they are indeed, trying to fight it.

I look at the addition of services such as Uber and LYFT as a sign that we are a city that is trying to evolve and change with times. Cabs aren’t always easy to get, and honestly, they can be a pain to order and actually get one, though the app Taxi Magic makes it a lot easier. 

Oh, and did I mention the mustaches? How can that not bring a smile to your face? Hope to see them cruising around soon! 

I'm in love.
I'm in love. (Photo: Scott Paulus/Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club)

5 doggone reasons I love the 2014 Brewers

I've always been a huge Milwaukee Brewers fan, and was already excited for the new season when this happened: Hank, a shaggy white dog, wandered onto Maryvale field, and my favorite team took him under its wing.

Guess what, Milwaukee Brewers? I now love you even more, and here are five reasons why. 

1. Hank! The new unofficial mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers? 

Photo: Caitlin Moyer /Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

2. And this. (This is not an official Twitter account for the Milwaukee Brewers or Hank)

3. More of this, please! 

Caitlin Moyer/Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

4. And this.

5. The only thing that could be cuter than HE already is? Hank as a bobblehead for 2014. Make it happen, Milwaukee Brewers! 

Milwaukee Cupcake Co. is "Dishcrawl" approved.
Milwaukee Cupcake Co. is "Dishcrawl" approved.

Dishcrawlin' the ward

Last week, on a cold Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to attend a "Dishcrawl" in the Historic Third Ward. What’s a Dishcrawl, you wonder? Well, I was curious about it myself, though I was familiar with the basic concept and company. Dishcrawl is a national brand, but it has "ambassadors" in Milwaukee and other cities. 

The crawls focus on a single neighborhood. You know which "hood" you are going to be in, but not all the restaurants you will visit. You learn about your first stop 48 hours before the crawl begins. I like the mystery behind it.

$45 gets you on the crawl, and this time it included four restaurants/shops and a sampling at each one of (typically) three items. Drinks are separate and purchased along the way.

Photo: Monika Janczuk

We started out at Riverfront Pizzeria at 7 p.m., where we checked in and got the itinerary for the night. I’d been to Riverfront a number of times before and was secretly hoping the BLT pizza was on the tasting menu. It wasn’t. Instead, we sampled the insalata caprese, roasted red pepper artichoke dip and Mediterranean pizza. The caprese lacked balsamic vinegar, so while it was very clean and fresh tasting, I missed the kick you get from it. I loved the artichoke dip, and I will be back at Riverfront for a BLT pizza soon.

 Photo: Monika Janczuk

We headed next to Water Buffalo, the second stop for the night. Our sampling included Louisiana crab cakes, a spaghetti squash and quinoa meatball, and a chicken roll with guacamole. I liked that there was a vegetarian option, and thought the texture on the meatball was spot on.

Photo: Monika Janczuk

We were scheduled to head to Smoke Shack next, but due to timing issues, we headed to Milwaukee Cupcake Co. next. I’ll be perfectly honest, this was a small travesty in my book. Dessert comes last, people.  However, not much could be done about it, and I would never actually complain about cupcakes.

Of course, they were delicious. 

Photo: Monika Janczuk


Is Milwaukee still a prime rib town?
Is Milwaukee still a prime rib town?

Is prime rib still a thing?

Food and Wine magazine recently rounded up some of the best steak options across the country, and Milwaukee’s own Mr. B’s and Jackson Grill got well-deserved mentions in the article.

Also mentioned in the article was the history of Saturday nights in the Milwaukee dining scene, which at restaurants and supper clubs are all about the prime rib. I paused to think about this. Is prime rib still a thing in Milwaukee (or Wisconsin)? I mean, a thing like the sacred fish fry is a thing.

So, I did a little research and apparently it is, and we still have some very very good prime rib places. I was happy to learn that even with the abundant choices to dine out here in Milwaukee, supper clubs and other restaurants are still serving this classic.

I love tradition, but somehow I’ve been missing out on this one. Since it has been a while since I've had prime rib – maybe it has for you, too – here are five to try. I’d love to hear your suggestions for others to try in the comments below. And, do you think prime is rib is still a thing here?

Packing House
900 E. Layton Ave., (414) 483-5054

The Packing House, one of my favorite Milwaukee supper clubs, serves it up Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Three days a week? I guess the prime rib is more popular than I thought! Have an old -fashioned (and read about WHY you should here) while there.

Jackson Grill
3736 W. Mitchell St., (414) 384-7384


Jackson Grill is one of those hidden gems that you hate to even mention, because it is already tough to get a table there at times. And just look at how adorable it is. But it is indeed worth the wait. You can get your prime rib on on Saturdays.

Ward’s House of Prime
540 E. Mason St., (414) 223-0135
515 Wells St., Delafield, (262) 337-9199

Server Lindsay Krchma delivering a 72-ounce portion of prime rib.

All prime rib, all the time, Ward’s has recently expanded to a second location in De…