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Chasin' Mason's Billy O'Dwyer is not originally from Milwaukee, but he now calls it home.
Chasin' Mason's Billy O'Dwyer is not originally from Milwaukee, but he now calls it home.

#MEETMKE: Chasin' Mason's Billy O'Dwyer is proud to partner with Refuge Smoothie Cafe and Milwaukee Downtown to bring you #MEETMKE during Downtown Employee Appreciation Week on July 28. We will introduce you to leaders throughout Milwaukee from all walks of life. Name tags for #MEETMKE will be distributed the week leading up to Downtown Employee Appreciation Week and we hope you will be a part of it. Say hi to your Downtown neighbor and get to know those around you. For every name tag worn on July 28, new #Meetmke tweet or mentioned on Facebook, Refuge Smoothie Cafe will donate a $1 to make-a-wish foundation (up to $5,000). Be a part of your community! What is your music of today?  What/who do you listen to?
Billy O'Dwyer: I’ll try and keep this short ... I really dig a band called Needtobreathe, love classic country a la Roger Miller and Waylon Jennings, I also dig Eric Church, U2, Tupac, Third Day, Jay Z and the list goes on…
OMC: What surprises you about Milwaukee?
BBO: Not being originally from the area -- although I call it home now after 11 years -- one thing that surprised me was the Milwaukee Brewers' opening day. It is simply a freak of nature. I have loved watching people get all geared up for this. It’s an event I feel like everyone goes to at least once and it’s just an experience that is so uniquely Wisconsin, in a sense that, it doesn't matter what the weather is like, but anybody who can get their hands on a ticket, goes. I have noticed that the people from Wisconsin support their teams through the good and the bad not just based on performance but because they are proud of where they’re from and that’s a great quality to find in any culture.
OMC: What teams/sports do you cheer for or enjoy?
BO: Although your spirit has swayed me in the way of baseball, football however, is another story. I am a Chicago Bears fan. There’s something’s you just can’t change about a man and this is one.
OMC: What is your favorite app, game or website?
BO: Lately my favorite app is by far Snapchat. It’s a way to show my goofy side without someone holding it against me with hard evidence later. (billy.bonney)
OMC: Define success.
BO: Success to me, as cliché as it sounds, is really based on your happiness. I believe that is directly related to spending time with the people close to you and experiences you share together. There are successful people all around us -- most of them work for the people we see as "successful."
OMC: What most excited you about the opportunity with Chasin Mason?
BO: Plain and simple, I do what I do because I love to sing, it seems to make people smile, and because I haven’t always been the angel you see today, I believe I owe the world a whole lot of smiles.
OMC: Did you play any sports growing up?
BO: I have two brothers, eating dinner was a sport at our house ... I played soccer since I could walk, competitive tennis in my early teens and lacrosse all through high school.


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