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We have no shortage of delicious bacon. But is it what we want to be known for?
We have no shortage of delicious bacon. But is it what we want to be known for?

Milwaukee is "one of the 11 greatest foodie cities:" for bacon?

I'm always thrilled when Milwaukee makes yet another national list.

Today's list, from Suzy Strutner at The Huffington Post, says that Milwaukee is one of  "The 11 Greatest Foodie Cities in America." Great news, and this list is really no different than all of the other national lists that Milwaukee's landed on -- well, kind of. We are an amazing food and foodie city.  But, I will admit I was a bit thrown off by this recent honor as it basically list Milwaukee because of its amazing bacon options. 

The Huffington Post was certainly trying to find different things to focus on for the 11 cities listed -- and, apparently, Milwaukee's delicacy was bacon. I love bacon, and Milwaukee has a ton of great bacon options, tis true, Ms. Strutner. 

Here is the full post:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Never has a city shown such utter devotion to all things bacon. Try bacon-wrapped meatloaf at The Comet Cafe, sourced locally from those lush Wisconsin fields. There's a peanut butter bacon burger at AJ Bombers, and Saloon Calhoun hosts a weekly happy hour with FREE BACON. The city's radio station -- literally called "The Hog" -- hosts an annual Baconfest in conjunction with the Harley Davidson Museum. To clear your arteries, sprint through nearby Cudahy's Race for the Bacon... don't worry, there's bacon at the end.

Does Milwaukee want to be known as the "city of bacon?" Is this our next claim to fame? Beer, cheese -- and now bacon? We have no shortage of it with delicious locally made options from Usinger's, Patrick Cudahy, Nueske's and more.

But to me, tagging us with this new label feels a bit off.  It feels like a step back, of sorts.  Milwaukee, bacon city.  That kind of feels like being known only for "Laverne & Shirley" or The Fonz. As much as I love them, I also want Milwaukee to be known for more than just the bacon craze and contributing to waistlines. 

We've certainly had accolades for our abundance of farm to table options, our locally sourced food and more. I just hope all the readers of Huffington Post also read those.  And, I hope everyone comes to visit Milwaukee soon.  We are indeed a foodie destination. 

I guess we could be known for worse things -- and who am I to judge, because I will no doubt order some bacon again soon. 


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