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A former disobedient smoker asks why folks still puff

I used to be a disobedient smoker.

I was a two pack a day guy, except on good days (which meant I was out until bar time) when I'd climb to almost three packs.

And I smoked everywhere. I smoked in libraries and at movies, my workplace and other people's workplace, inside and outside, stadiums and arenas, shopping malls and small retail shops. Once, I even smoked in a hospital room where oxygen tubes were running. And I was the patient.

Then I quit. One day, about seven years ago, I woke up, sick of my wife nagging me, crushed a pack of butts and never smoked again. A good decision.

But lately, I've been wondering where do people go to smoke?  I mean, I know where you can't smoke. Bars, clubs and restaurants and all kinds of common spaces. But if you're a smoker, where can you light up?

Is a car repair garage okay, or a locksmith shop or an old fashioned hardware store? Can you smoke in your own apartment, even if you live in a building with other apartments?

I assume you can still smoke in your own car since I see so many idiots throw their butts out the window onto the ground. But does Amtrak have a smoking car on its train to Chicago?

I worked in a building years ago where the windows were sealed. The big boss came in one day with a sharp screwdriver. We shut my office door and ripped the sealant out of the windows so we could open it up and smoke. He and I sat in chairs, next to the window, puffing away.

I wonder whether something like that is even possible today?  I doubt it, but it makes me wonder why anyone still smokes?


brewcitypaul | Oct. 18, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. (report)

You smoked for how many years? Why did you smoke?

There is your answer

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