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Frutiger is a big fan of Fromm dog food.
Frutiger is a big fan of Fromm dog food.

A natural and local dog food choice

Selecting the right dog food can be a difficult choice.

There is a lot of information out there that talks about how corn and beets are bad for dogs or how lots of pet foods contain sub-par meat sources.

It can also be difficult to remember which protein source is better between chicken, chicken by-product or chicken meal.

Sometimes it's a challenge to discern between real science, the crazy astrologist naturalist hippies and the corporate dog food propaganda machine.

When I adopted my dog, Frutiger, my choice of dog food was always a concern in the back of my mind, but anytime I switched foods I got the same response; Purina is bad for dogs. Iams is bad for dogs. Eukanuba is bad for dogs.

Essentially any dog food with an advertising budget was one to avoid. But with no further information available regarding the independent dog foods, which one was truly the best choice?

That was when I found a site called Dog Food Analysis, which has an extensive catalogue breaking down exactly what is in every brand of dog food and points out exactly where each food goes right or wrong.

Then they answer the question "Would you recommend this product?" If it doesn't pass muster, the brand is marked in red: No.

Fromm Family Foods, family owned and operated in Mequon for more than 100 years, seems to be doing it right. They are dedicated to creating all-natural food for dogs and cats. This Milwaukee family has been at the cutting edge of pet technology, creating the first distemper shot in the early 20th century and developing the process for creating dry dog food that most companies use today.

Fromm's food is made without common allergens like beets and corn. Additionally, the Four-Star Line (which, sometimes actually acheives Five Stars on Dog Food Analysis) is formulated with the same ratios of proteins, fruits and veggies to allow owners to switch between all six recipes; this means you can give your pet variety without having to wo…