"What do you mean I have to order the salad?"
"What do you mean I have to order the salad?"

Hey there fatty, part 2: Getting the bitterness out

When one decides to better his or her health the obvious two things one has to do is eat better and exercise regularly.

But when one is a fatty and is stuck in a routine of inactivity and excessive eating, breaking out of that routine and into one that features healthier food options and repetitive movements is akin to Kim Kardashian's desire for marriage.

A good amount of gyms promise guidance of a trainer but the last thing a fatty wants is to be yelled at for being fat and out of shape. Another thing most fatties hate – I'm guessing – is working out in public.

The idea of me taking my disproportionately top-heavy frame to a gym to lumber about while breathing as loud as the sound of a plane taking off and creating Lake Michigan-sized pools of sweat wherever I stand for a few minutes is stupid – even though it's the best thing to do.

There are so many different "experts" on the best way to train and lose weight that the information really can make a person dizzy after hours online on stuck paging through a magazine.

"Experts" are different from people who are genuinely able, willing and want to help, because the "experts" come from a place of condescension where as the genuinely helpful people are motivated by empathy.

I've received so many wonderful words of encouragement through Talkbacks, emails, text messages, Twitter and Facebook. I sincerely thank you all for your genuine care and for reaching out. I'm looking into every tip that was sent my way. You people are the type of community that fatties like me need.

Similarly, there are so many different approaches to eating healthy that trying to make a decision between all of them is enough to make a person stay home and get delivery.

Popular diets like South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, 17 Day Diet, etc., all require different things and have different philosophies to losing weight and they all try to sell you on why they are the best way to lose weight, for YOU.


Maal Himself debuted the music video for "Ms. Beverly Hills" last night.
Maal Himself debuted the music video for "Ms. Beverly Hills" last night.

Milwaukee UP: Maal Himself goes wild in his new Ms. Beverly Hills video

Last night rapper Maal Himself debuted his music video for his single "Ms. Beverly Hills," which features singing by Jon Frost and Diva and some guitar work by Sean Williamson.

Directed by Mark Gage – co-directed by Brad Hollander – the video is very ambitious, with scenes of illicit drug use, partying and drinking, in an attempt to bring the anti-party lifestyle message of the song to life.

The protagonist Maal is dragged around by hangers-on and submits to their will of living in the fast lane, ultimately to be chewed up and spit out by said lifestyle.

The video itself is very clean and vivid and is also very reminiscent of Kanye West and Spike Jonze's short film "We Were Once A Fairytale."

Check out "Ms. Beverly Hills" right here.


TheDEMIX celebrates MELT's first anniversary tonight at Club Garibaldi.
TheDEMIX celebrates MELT's first anniversary tonight at Club Garibaldi.

Milwaukee UP: MELT celebrates one-year anniversary tonight

The one-year anniversary of The DEMIX's MELT series is tonight at Club Garibaldi at 9 p.m., and features a host of spirited performances by The DEMIX himself, Pressboard, WC Tank and Echo Island.

For those of you who are not familiar with the MELT series, it's a live concert series that puts a bright spotlight on Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin and the Midwest's electronica scene – a spotlight that it deserves.

This is going to be a fun event for anybody interested in glitchy tunes and grooves.

To add to the ambience of the night there will be live panting done by artist Cheryl Casden.

Happy anniversary MELT!

Get familiar with the culprits here:



Echo Island

WC Tank


Logic & Raze are back with a new song and music video.
Logic & Raze are back with a new song and music video.

Milwaukee UP: Logic & Raze drop brand new track and music video

Since the release of their enjoyable debut album "...STILL untitled" last year, the duo of Logic & Raze has not let its foot off of the pedal. As a matter of fact, the two have mashed the gas pedal closer the floor.

They released a live EP with the help of 91.7FM WMSE called "...untitled LIVE" at the end of last year.

They released a remix of their surprise dance pop track "Here Before" a week ago. You can hear and download it for free here.

Today, they released a brand new song with an accompanying music video.

"TOTMM" is a tribute to their family, friends and fans, and also pays respects to people in their lives who were lost too soon.

The video for the song is made up of home footage from various shows, road trips, family movies, etc., and really highlights the respect and caring they have for each other.

You can check it out right here.