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DJ Bizzon has taken his "Takeover" to the next level.
DJ Bizzon has taken his "Takeover" to the next level.

Milwaukee UP: DJ Bizzon extends The Takeover with new mixtape

Last night the very tall DJ Bizzon took his "Takeover" one step further by releasing a mixtape that put some of his favorite industry joints right next to some of his favorite local cuts – oh, which he took the time to remix.

Already known by Milwaukee hip-hop fans as the man behind the microphone of the MadKids show on 91.7 FM every Tuesday night and the guy that hosts freestyle battles, the Tap Milwaukee writer had yet to truly establish himself as a mixtape DJ.

"The Takeover Vol. 1" rectifies that.

If you weren't able to make it to the release show because of the weather, you can grab the mixtape here for free.

Visit his website for more information.

Streetz-n-Young Deuces launched the first single from their upcoming album/mixtape today.
Streetz-n-Young Deuces launched the first single from their upcoming album/mixtape today.

Milwaukee UP: Streetz-N-Young Deuces get High Off Life on Next Day Air single

Streetz-N-Young Deuces have been talking about their upcoming project "Next Day Air" for several months now, and today they launched the first single from the album/mixtape: a song called "High Off Life."

"High Off Life" is a certifiable spring/summertime jam that discusses an appreciation for the ability to grind with their art.

"Next Day Air" is one of the 10 projects that I've been most looking forward to in the year of 2012 and if this first cut is any indication of the quality that will be found on "Air," then it was worth the anticipation.

Hosted by Chicago powerhouse blog, "Next Day Air" will be released March 20.

Go over to RH to check out the new digs.

Madden Miles and The Mad Bloggers are teaming up again.
Madden Miles and The Mad Bloggers are teaming up again.

Milwaukee UP: Madden Miles wants you to know that Large Marge sent him

Producer Madden Miles (formerly Mark V.) really likes to keep himself busy with the beats.

Last year he released a slew of beat tapes, including a monthly series named simply after the month he was putting it out, and several specialty beat projects.

Toward the end of last year he started collaborating heavily with East Coast-based music blog – yes, they do keep popping up in regards to Milwaukee hip-hop because they genuinely dig what we have going on here – and their partnership isn't slowing down.

TMB announced they're teaming with Miles for another beat tape project in which Q, one of the head honchos of the site, tosses an idea at Miles and challenges him to flip it and make it unique.

The first song they've released from the project is "Large Marge," named after the infamous – and terrifying to young kids who never saw it coming – character in one of Pee Wee Herman's films.

Yeah, Pee Wee had a film career, let us all remember that.

Give it a listen and make sure you take this one all the way to the end because Miles reveals where the sample comes from and it'll have you going back to see how he chopped it and if you can really recognize it.


SPEAK Easy: "Game Changer," or no?
SPEAK Easy: "Game Changer," or no?

Milwaukee UP: SPEAK Easy claims to be a Game Changer on new track

Yesterday I wrote about the new group called Monster House that was formed by Panic, Audiopilot and SPEAK Easy, and today I have for you a new solo song by SPEAK Easy.

This latest track, called "Game Changer," is another song in which the rapper discusses how dope he is as a rapper, which is fine, but personally I'd like to hear some other content on his loose tracks instead of only being able to find them on his albums.

Check it out here and tell me if "Game Changer" is just more of the same or if it is a unique track with a unique message and I'm just missing it.