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Looking good, City Center.
Looking good, City Center.
Take a look at 735 N. Water St.
Take a look at 735 N. Water St.

Downtown: Stacked flowers at City Center at 735

Developers love to talk about street level presence, embracing the pedestrian way and enhancing the public realm.  

Good design, inside and out of a space matters.  And, often, it's the little things that help fill vacancies and even get high rents and better tenants.  

Thus, I gotta tip my hat to City Center at 735, 735 N. Water St., in Downtown Milwaukee.  While many of the planters you see in Downtown are courtesy of the hard work of Milwaukee Downtown B.I.D. No. 21, the owners of City Center, Compass Properties, LLC,  have taken the ones outside their space to another level with a fun design and unique stacking.

Gabriel Fernandez, property manager for the City Center, said that he asked Stacey Balsley of Planteriors of Wisconsin to create an artistic arrangement for the front door area.  Sheldon Oppermann, vice president of Compass Properties, told me that Fernandez appreciates the chance to brighten the day of those who pass by.

"We are finding people stopping and taking pictures with the.  How cool," said Oppermann.   

Whether you're walking or driving by, you'll do a double take and probably crack a smile too.   

Yes, it's the little things.  

Former Wisconsinite: "New York slowly catching up to Wisconsin"

Travel writer and Wisconsin native Megan L. Wood has a great post today on her blog, and on The Awl, a New York-based content site.  

Titled "It’s Cute That New York is Slowly Catching up to Wisconsin," the story chronicles several things about our fine state that are often taken for granted. 

Wood, who moved from Wisconsin to New York City this year, realizes what many of us know; that is, that Milwaukee and Wisconsin are indeed very "cool."   

Enjoy this piece where Wood realizes she, again like many of us, was "born in the coolest place on earth – and now everyone is trying to catch up."

Hat tip to Hanson Dodge’s Sara Meaney and Al Krueger for posting this on Facebook this morning.