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Richard Florida on "Why they call Green Bay `Titletown'"

I’ve met Richard Florida, Senior Editor at The Atlantic and Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, several times and am an admirer of his work.  In fact, he was very helpful with several branding and organizational building (Young Professionals of Milwaukee/Fuel Milwaukee) initiatives in the greater Milwaukee area.

His post, "Why They Call Green Bay 'Titletown,' yesterday on is a great read for any Packers, sports or economic development fan.  Live in Wisconsin?  Read it, you’ll love it.

It not only hints on what many leaders in the Milwaukee area have trumpeted for years - the mega city/regional approach model of Milwaukee-Chicago - but charts out the truly amazing nature of Green Bay’s "championship location quotient." 

Florida’s analysis of the Green Bay "metro's" CLQ (Championship Location Quotient) says it has "won 22 times the number of championships that its size would predict – and not just in football, but across all four professional sports (never mind the fact that Green Bay only has football)."

All in all, it's great perspective on what many of us here may take a bit for granted.

Follow Florida on Twitter at @Richard_Florida and be sure to read his next piece that will look at "the broader connections between metro size and sports success."  Until then, Go Pack!  

"18 Minutes" is all you need to plan your New Year!
"18 Minutes" is all you need to plan your New Year!

This new year take "18 Minutes" to get organized

It’s that time.  You know it well.  Lay out the goals, plan your work and work the plan to make the next year awesome.  

One of the ways to help prioritize is learning from those who do it well.  And while I called Tim Sanders’ "Today We Are Rich," my best read of the year, I’m here today to tell you briefly about "18 Minutes" from Peter Bregman.  

Bregman, a business and leadership consultant and writer, offers a "process for prioritizing your day in three steps that take 18 minutes over a nine-hour workday: Set your plan for the day, refocus every hour, review how you spent your time."  

It’s a great read and one that will help you get around challenges and gain traction on what matters most in your life.  "18 Minutes" is the perfect read for this time of the year, so I thought I’d share it with you.  

We all need tips, tricks and more focus in our lives, so as you head into next year I truly suggest that you join me in reading Bregman’s book.

Enjoy, and here’s to 2012!

In search of donuts in greater Downtown

The donut is in a bit of pickle. It's not the healthiest of breakfasts, and many smaller bakeries don't make them anymore. Of course there's always Dunkin' Donuts. I do like their product and their coffee.

But, where do you go for a great donut anywhere near Downtown Milwaukee?

Sil's? Grocery stores like Whole Foods Market, Sendik's and Metro Market. Where else? Am I missing something?

I want a good Downtown donut. Now. Honeydip, how about a new location?

Help me via the Talkbacks, please. Thank you.  

We're No. 2!

You'll begin to notice a big push to position Milwaukee and the greater Milwaukee area as an innovative leader in manufacturing. And, that it is.

A report from last week, cited today by Biz Times, says the Milwaukee area is the No. 2 ranked "best city for industrial manufacturing." A post on says, "Particularly well positioned is No. 2 ranked Milwaukee, which is home to a wide array of specialized manufacturing firms ranging from machine tools to energy. Over the past year alone the region added almost 3900 heavy metal jobs and has consistently led other Great Lakes communities in job creation."

This is good news. Yet there's a talent shortage that goes deeper than a population and skilled worker issue. Fact is kids today don't see manufacturing as "cool" or even career based. Of course many manufacturing jobs are high paying, incredibly resilient and growing.

So, as I stated, watch for area leaders to begin to better trumpet the benefits of our area's strong manufacturing backbone.  It's promotion that's over due.  

Houston, by the way, ranked No. 1 in the survey.