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Who would do such a thing to the Fonz?
Who would do such a thing to the Fonz?
The Bronze Fonz.
The Bronze Fonz.

Not cool, Bronze Fonz gets "stuck"

Sure, it's not a huge crime.  But, putting a big sticker on the back of the Bronze Fonz isn't cool.  

Indeed, the Bronze Fonz on Milwaukee's Riverwalk has been defaced.  Well, "debacked," if that's a word.  

There's a huge sticker on the back of the Fonz's signature jacket and it doesn't seem to be coming off easily.  Vandalism, in my book.  

Come on, people.  Show some respect.  Let's keep our Fonz clean.  Ayyyyy.  

Update:  As of 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, the Bronze Fonz has been fully cleaned and Paul Sherwood from Theiss Interior Design reports that he "looks as good as new."  

"Hawkstache" image from @MillerParkHawk
"Hawkstache" image from @MillerParkHawk

Miller Park Hawk is soaring

Andrew Wagner mentioned it in his Sunday Scorecard, and his summary was a pretty good one. "Hawk flies into Miller Park; people are amazed; Miller Park Hawk Twitter feed started; end of story."

Of course, in today's nonstop media world the story never truly ends. And since the hawk landed on Sunday the "story" has taken off.  

Love the Miller Park hawk? How can't you?  

Follow the hawk's story on Twitter here. As of noon on Monday, April 25 more than 1,140 are following "the hawk."

Not happy days for some "Happy Days" cast.
Not happy days for some "Happy Days" cast.

"Happy Days" stars to CBS: "Sit on it" and give us $40 million

Four stars, Anson Williams (Potsie), Don Most (Ralph), Marion Ross (Mrs. Cunningham), Erin Moran (Joanie) and the estate of Tom Bosley (Mr. C), are suing CBS claiming they’ve been cut out of merchandise and "Happy Days" slot machine revenues. 

So, who got the proceeds from my $5.99 "Happy Days" lunch box that I bought?

This report’s all over today.  New York Daily News, CNNWashington Post and a ton of other sites.  

Wait.  "Happy Days" slots.  Cool!  "It takes a lot to make me angry because so often my expectations are so low," Ross told CNN. "But the other day someone came up to me and said, 'You must be cleaning up on those casinos.' And I said, 'Well, what are you talking about?' And he said, 'If you get five Marions, you get the jackpot."'

For now, according to reports, Henry Winkler (Fonz), Ron Howard (Richie) and Scott Baio (Chachi) aren’t included in the suit.

George Watts and Son, 761 N. Jefferson St.
George Watts and Son, 761 N. Jefferson St.

Downtown: Watts may consolidate upstairs; lease more of its first floor

Do you think a restaurant or even a retailer would look great on the corner of Jefferson and Mason Streets, in Downtown Milwaukee? I do, and I'm guessing George Watts and Son, 761 N. Jefferson St., does too as the iconic local retailer is floating the idea of leasing its first floor space and moving its entire showroom to its upper floors.

In business since 1870 and at its current Italian Renaissance-style building since 1922, the still family-run Watts would consolidate its impressive "luxury tabletop and gift emporium" once a new tenant for its 8,126-square foot first floor space is secured.

Currently, Watts' has one tenant, the Delind Gallery of Fine Art, on its first floor. "We share customers and it's truly a synergistic relationship," said Sam Watts, the fifth generation president of George Watts and Son.

Watts would like to expand on its success with Delind.

"It's all about creating more buzz in Downtown," said Watts. "We decided to put some feelers out there to see if there is interest in the space, but we are not definitely making a move one way or the other. If the right offer came along -- similar to the Delind Gallery, and a synergistic business was interested, we would certainly be hard pressed to not look at it."

Watts has been evolving over the past several years. And finding tenants for its first floors is another step forward for the Milwaukee icon.

"However, as it stands, we are really just trying to measure the market. Our desire was to see if there is an interest and the right business so we could create an 'emporium' of sorts," said Watts.

Watts was clear that "nothing is (set) in stone" and that the store and Tea Room are not closing. "My grandmother, who is still the sole owner of the building and the sole owner of the business, would never allow it and the board of directors, her children, have no interest in relocating or closing," Watts emphasized.

"We want to be smart with our asset and our first floor is an incredible oppo…