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Bruegger's has closed its East Side location.
Bruegger's has closed its East Side location.

The East Side loses its bagels

On Friday, the Bruegger's bagels location at 2045 E. North Ave. closed.

Workers were seen hauling equipment out of the location and a sign posted on the door encouraged patrons to visit the Bruegger's in Downtown Milwaukee or Whitefish Bay.

The East Side Bruegger's opened just over four years ago, and closed just two months after moved its office from the East Side to Downtown.  Ironically,'s new office is steps away from one of the still open Bruegger's at 753 N.Water St.  Coincidence?  Yes. But still interesting.

In other random East Side Milwaukee news, check out this video.  It was posted by Steve Greenwood on Facebook.  Let's hope the parking meter gets repaired soon.


What's your wish for Milwaukee?
What's your wish for Milwaukee? (Photo:

One Milwaukee Wish from Hanson Dodge Creative

This year, Hanson Dodge Creative asked some of its friends and neighbors (including yours truly) in the Milwaukee community what they would do with just one wish.

As you'll see below, some answers were heartwarming, others profound.

The creatives at Hanson Dodge hope they inspire you to actively pursue making at least one wish come true.

Cheers, and here's to Milwaukee and 2013!  

Jim Gaffigan Pale Ale.  Available at the Pabst Theater.
Jim Gaffigan Pale Ale. Available at the Pabst Theater.

Gaffigan shows Milwaukee some love on Twitter

Comedian Jim Gaffigan showed Milwaukee some love today on Twitter by promoting "his" beer that's being sold at The Pabst Theater during his upcoming three nearly sold-out shows.

Jim Gaffigan Pale Ale will be sold, with a special label, at Gaffigan's three New Year's Eve weekend performances. It's brewed by Stevens Point Brewery. Here's video of the bottles on the line in Stevens Point.

By the way, this is the sixth straight year that Gaffigan's choosing to spend NYE in Milwaukee.

Cheers, Jim!

Is your cable guy faster?
Is your cable guy faster? (Photo:

One hour service windows for cable customers?

"Sure, we'll be there between 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. Thank you for your business."

OK, so the quote above is a bit of an exaggeration but if you're a cable customer you get the idea. Cable isn't exactly a business known for its timeliness or perfect customer service. Although, I will tell you this. I'm a Time Warner Cable costumer and they came on a Sunday two weeks ago and the "cable guy" showed up exactly when he said he would and even confirmed with a call 15 minutes before he showed up. It was great.

But, the cable and paid TV industry is frequently slammed for long wait times and generally crappy service. Some of the criticism is justified.

Time Warner, though, as I noted above has been pretty good and is out to make even bigger changes with ALL of its service and installation appointments now happening within a one-hour appointment timeframe.

That's right, Time Warner Cable customers in Wisconsin, the company says, should now enjoy some of the shortest waits in the home service and delivery industry.

"Our customers have better things to do than sit around and wait for cable service and installation," said Marci Pelzer, senior director of communications Time Warner Cable. "One-hour appointment windows are one more way Time Warner Cable is making life simple and easy for customers."

"Our 1,000 techs, engineers and customer service employees across Wisconsin listened to the needs of our customers and worked together to make this happen," said Pelzer in a news release. "There is a great sense of local pride that we are giving back precious time to our friends, families and neighbors."

In addition to offering shorter service windows at no extra charge, Time Warner Cable now estimates approximately how long it will take to get the job done.  Seems basic.  But, it's never been done.  Great idea.  

The first appointment of the day begins at 8 a.m. with the last appointment arriving at 7 p.m. Time Warner Cable service technicians also perform installatio…