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YP Week is coming April 16-21
YP Week is coming April 16-21 (Photo: Dan Bishop, via

Young Professionals Week comes to town April 16-21 has helped promote Newaukee events for several years, and we're proud to be a promotional partner with this fine young professionals network. We are, after all, one of the founding members of Fuel Milwaukee (formerly Young Professionals of Milwaukee) and, if I can say so myself, one of the ignitors of the progressive and ever-growing young and creative scene here in greater Milwaukee.

So, hats off to Newaukee for coordinating Young Professionals Week. It runs April 16-21 and is a week long event "dedicated to showcasing and celebrating Milwaukee's Young Professional organizations."

There are luncheon forums, topical discussions, social gatherings, clean up events on April 21 (Earth Day) and a whole lot more.

Young Professionals Week will highlight all of the YP groups in the area, and on Thursday, April 16 Newaukee and Young Milwaukee will take one evening to honor several individuals for their work in the community. You can nominate someone to win a YP Week award in one of six categories.  Just click here.

As I've always said, a city is only as good as the stories it tells. And, young professionals tell great stories to wide, social and creative networks.  This event will help to expand and better connect those networks.

Milwaukee's a great place and YP week will help highlight many of the people, organizations and places that make it go.

Full schedule for YP Week is here.

Driver and Peta Murgatroyd at rehearsal.
Driver and Peta Murgatroyd at rehearsal. (Photo:
DWTS airs on Channel 12 locally.
DWTS airs on Channel 12 locally. (Photo:

Drive the vote and make Donald the "Dancing with the Stars" champ

I'll be a shill. I have no problem with it.

I love Donald Driver. Not only for his fine selection of a hairdo, but for his civic heart, educational children's books, quick-witted interviews, professional marketing team and tough play on the field.  

Today, of course, he takes to the dance floor as he pairs with Peta Murgatroyd on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." Truth, I've never seen the show and really don't plan to watch. Nothing against it, though. But, I'm a homer so I'll be voting. You should too. Here's how.

You can vote via phone and text message for Donald Driver only on the nights he performs; online voting ends at 10 a.m. the day following the performances.

Phone/Text Voting
Phone lines ( 1-800-VOTE4-03, or 1-800-868-3403) and text votes will open at the top of each performance show. The text-in code will be revealed at the beginning of the program. Phone and text lines will stay open until 30 minutes after the end of the show.

Online Voting
Online voting takes place through In order to vote online, you'll need to register or sign in with with your Facebook or Twitter account.

To register online, click the "JOIN" or "SIGN IN" links on the upper right side on

The voting module will not launch until viewers are eligible to vote on Monday night. Again, voting will remain open until 10 a.m. the day following the performances.

The live two hour premiere of the show is tonight at 7 p.m. on Channel 12.

UPDATE (March 20, 2012).  Here's the video of Driver's performance:


Pick up a copy today!
Pick up a copy today!
The "Cheap Sheet" is a handy drink deals guide.
The "Cheap Sheet" is a handy drink deals guide.
Read all about it.  Now in print, too.
Read all about it. Now in print, too.

Have you seen our Two Cents?

It debuted at's Annual Bartender Olympics at The Wherehouse last month. And since then copies of our first print partnership have been flying off the shelves.

Indeed, we're in the print publishing business, and are thankful for our partnership with Katie Donoghue and Jonathan Warobick and everyone affiliated with Two Cents Milwaukee, a beautifully designed, free print publication that highlights many of the great people and places in and around Milwaukee.

Two Cents, if you don't know, has been around since 2009.  It's a great pub and does a fine job of covering our city.'s editorial team and manager of sales development Caroline McDonald worked with Two Cents to publish much of our Bar Month content. What's on the streets (and, of course, online too) is a stunning "Best of Milwaukee Bars" edition that's full of your selections for the area's best bars (reverse published from, profiles on the bartender olympians and much more.

Look for this new edition of Two Cents at places around town, and stayed tuned as other special issues are planned. Cheers!

"Homeland" is amazing television.
"Homeland" is amazing television.
Ersan Ilyasova is on fire this season.  (photo: David Bernacchi)
Ersan Ilyasova is on fire this season. (photo: David Bernacchi)
Lacoste Men's Marceau Boot.
Lacoste Men's Marceau Boot.
This stuff cleans like a charm.
This stuff cleans like a charm.

11 random things that I'm liking right now

Sure I'm loving basketball and March Madness now but there are other things on my mind too. So here's a random list of eleven things (only two of them basketball related) that I'm really enjoying right now. Take a read, and dive in and react as you will.

"Private," by James Patterson
I somewhat randomly downloaded James Patterson's "Private" via iBooks. Written in 2010 it's the first from the well known murder mystery writer to feature Jack Morgan, the owner of Private, a renowned investigation company with branches around the world. It's a total no brainer read that's fun and easy to enjoy. There's a storyline around NFL gambling, one about schoolgirl slayings and then there's Jack's best friend's wife who has been killed. Oh, the drama. 

"Homeland" on Showtime
My wife and I cranked through season one of Showtime's "Homeland" in about two weeks. I hadn't even heard of the show before I read about it winning a few Golden Globes. It is, hands down, the best cable drama I've seen in years. It's irresistible, fascinating and so damn entertaining that I really haven't stopped thinking about it since we watched the finale about one month ago. Do your own research on the plot, but trust me on this one. Order Showtime today. "Homeland" is more than worth the monthly investment.

Ersan Ilyasova
Last week, during a four-game stretch the Bucks Ersan Ilyasova averaged 25.0 points and 10.8 rebounds per game while shooting 63.8 percent from the field, 66.7 percent from behind the three point arc and 90 percent from the free-throw line. He recorded three double-doubles to add to his team-leading total of 11, and posted the first two 30-point games of his career (including a career-high 32 against Chicago on March 7). On the season, Ilyasova is averaging career highs of 12.4 points and 8.9 rebounds per game while shooting a career-best 42.6 percent from behind the arc (15th in NBA). Simply, Ersan is killing it this season. He's everywhere he needs to be and a true tea…