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Beth Nicols for mayor?
Beth Nicols for mayor?
Preston Cole, Milwaukee's next mayor?
Preston Cole, Milwaukee's next mayor?
Grunau for Milwaukee?
Grunau for Milwaukee?
Or Willie Hines, pictured here with Mayor Barrett?
Or Willie Hines, pictured here with Mayor Barrett?

If Barrett wins, who's Milwaukee's next mayor?

Let's say Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett wins next week and moves to Madison to become governor. Who's next for Milwaukee City Hall?

Of course, council president Willie Hines gets a promotion to acting mayor. But, who are other candidates in the next election?

A quick, non-prioritized and far from comprehensive list off the top of my head follows. Please react and add your favorite possible candidate using the talkbacks or Facebook comments.

Milwaukee's next Mayor?

Beth Nicols
Executive Director, Milwaukee Downtown, Business Improvement District No. 21

Judge Derek Mosely
Municipal court judge, Branch 2

Preston Cole
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works, City of Milwaukee

Laura Bray
Executive Director, Menomonee Valley Partners

Chris Abele
Milwaukee County Executive (How about a metro government model?)

Barry Mandel

David Bowen
Milwaukee County Supervisor

Gary Grunau
Developer/civic leader

Jason Fields
State Representative

Stag, one of the "16 Best Barbershops in America."
Stag, one of the "16 Best Barbershops in America." (Photo: Andy Tarnoff)

Milwaukee makes the cut in Details' list of "The 16 Best Barbershops"

There's another proud to be from Milwaukee mention today as Details magazine names Stag, 3064 S. Delaware Ave., one of "The 16 Best Barbershops in America."

In its June issue and online today, Katie Chang writes "there's never been a better time to get a classic cut and shave—no matter where you live."

Chang highlights classic shave and a haircut places in Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, Brooklyn, Boston, Miami Beach, Denver, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Knoxville and Milwaukee.

Here's what the men's magazine had to say:

Stag Barbershop
Owner Jess Stern's guy-friendly shop features a comfortable leather sofa and rustic touches like the mounted caribou head the place is named for. Her trademark cut ($30) – "short with a low taper and varying lengths through the top" – can be easily styled to look casual or professional. 3064 S. Delaware Ave.; 414-489-7824.

Stag was the only representative from Milwaukee.

Jonathan Lucroy's hand injury has Milwaukee talking.
Jonathan Lucroy's hand injury has Milwaukee talking.

Lucroy's broken hand has Milwaukee talking

Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy is on the 15-day disabled list and, according to the team's assistant general manager Gord Ash, will miss 4-6 weeks.

I don't know Lucroy, and I have no reason not to believe that his wife dropped a suitcase on his hand thus causing the injury that placed him on the D.L.

I have seen him speak, and he seemed like a good guy and even joked about his wife at a Brewers season ticket holder event last year.

Yet, after he told's Adam McCalvy that he's out with what the team is calling a "boxer's fracture" in his right hand, most fans seem to be suspicious of the cause of the injury.

Lucroy told McCalvy that he was "reaching under his hotel room bed Sunday night for a lost sock when his wife shifted a suitcase, (and it) fell on his hand."

Seems plausible, I guess. And, frankly, it really doesn't matter how it happened. It happened, let's move on.

Yet fans always want and demand answers. There's a bit of a rub with sports information. Teams are private entities, tight knit and very focused. But, they are public bodies, too, with massive appeal, exposure and community interests. Thus, fans seem to think that they should know the whole story always.

So, when Lucroy tells us the reason for his freak injury should we believe him? And, just because it's a somewhat odd reason does it make your fan radar go up?

I'm not sure, but I do know that people are talking about it. So, step up to the plate and let loose on your thoughts about Lucroy's injury.

Will Allen's Growing Power is among those mentioned in the article.
Will Allen's Growing Power is among those mentioned in the article.

The Guardian touts Milwaukee's green transformation

Leon Kaye, founder and editor of, had a post yesterday on The Guardian’s professional network that touted Milwaukee and its green business culture.

Titled "Tale of two cities: sustainability trailblazers in America’s heartland," the story used Milwaukee as "an example of a city that has transformed in recent years."  

The Brewery at the former Pabst Brewery location, Harley-Davidson, Growing Power, Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works (DPW) and Lakefront Brewery are among those mentioned in the article.

Columbus, Ohio, is the other city mentioned in the 600-word story.