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Should you capture your "I do?"
Should you capture your "I do?" (Photo:

No photos, please. I'll keep the memory

Ellie Martin Cliffe has a great piece on the new trend of wedding proposal photography. Read it here on one our sister sites,

It's a good read, for sure, but as a trend I'm not sold.

Yes, life is short and needs to be captured, but a marriage proposal seems to be one of those life events that's better kept in the minds of the happy couple.

Each to their own when it comes to how to do your "I do."  But, I'm not in on the proposal photography thing.  More power to you if you are.  It's an amazing moment and wonderful memory.  But, for me, it's just that. 

Thoughts? Would you or did you capture your "I do" on your phone or camera?  Chime in via Facebook or the talkbacks.

The Harborline Boat Shoe from Crocs.
The Harborline Boat Shoe from Crocs.
Crocs branding is subtle.
Crocs branding is subtle.
Nice shoe.  Thanks, they're Crocs.
Nice shoe. Thanks, they're Crocs.

Yes, they're Crocs

I'm bringing Crocs back. And you're gonna like them. Guaranteed.

Chances are that you're familiar with Crocs. The company's original "foam clog" shoe was introduced in 2002. Since then, the Colorado-based company has expanded its product lines and grown its brand. Many love them (especially nurses and hospital staff), others hate them. Time called them one of the "World's Worst Inventions." Even our very Molly Snyder called for their death.

But, I'm bringing them "back." Back into the fold of fashion. Well, at least into my fashion fold. And early results are promising.

Of course I'm not sure Crocs need to be brought "back" since the brand is still very popular. But, they need repositioning and since Crocs has done a fine job of launching several new products I'm merely helping the cause. My Crocs, though, are truly not the Crocs that you've known. They're good looking and stylish.

Look at photos above. They're cool, comfortable and perfect for summer. They're great with jeans or shorts. There's also a fun factor when people ask you about them. Upon the answer, "they are Crocs," you usually get a "wow" or a "yuck." Nothing in between. It's funny.

Hat tip to a good friend in Boulder for the inspiration to buy them and kudos to Crocs for making shoes that fit guys like me. Try a pair. You'll love 'em and I guarantee you'll get reactions.  Grab a coupon here.

You can vote for Sobelman's on Sargento's Facebook page.
You can vote for Sobelman's on Sargento's Facebook page.

Sobelman's up for "America's Ultimate Cheeseburger"

Dave Sobelman is back on another "best of" quest as his bacon double cheese burger is one of five that wants to be "America's Ultimate Cheeseburger."

It's all a promotion by Sargento, and Sobelman's faces competition from burger joints in New York (67 Burger), Miami (The Filling Station), Chicago (Butcher & the Burger) and San Diego (Crazee Burger).

Check out the entries on Facebook, and, if you want, vote for the hometown choice.  Voting ends July 31.  

Opens Aug. 13!
Opens Aug. 13! (Photo:

World of Beer opens Aug. 13 on Brady Street

I first told you about World of Beer's Milwaukee location nearly one year ago.  

Today, we learned that the franchise will open its Milwaukee location on Brady Street on Aug. 13. 

World of Beer, 1300 E. Brady St., will feature "an extensive selection of over 500 bottled beers and 50 rotating drafts from around the world."  

The 2,600 sq.-ft. space will be the 30th World of Beer location for the fast-growing franchise. The original location is located in Tampa, Florida.

The location will be open Monday-Wednesday 3 p.m.-1 a.m.; Thursday and Friday 3 p.m.-2 a.m.; Saturday noon-2 a.m. and Sunday noon-1 a.m.