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Still the Bucks house band, the group plays before select games and halftimes.  (photo:
Still the Bucks house band, the group plays before select games and halftimes. (photo:
Streetlife used to play here during Bucks games.
Streetlife used to play here during Bucks games.

Bands work for college sports, but do they translate at the pro level?

This my 19th season as a Milwaukee Bucks season ticket holder. I love the Bucks, and I love the NBA.

During all my seasons as a ticket holder, the team has balanced its game day music, fun promotions, great videos and the best mascot in the league with Streetlife, the Bucks' live house band. Streetlife, with its leader Warren Wiegratz, always provided a nice balance to the piped-in jock jams that you get at most sporting events.

But, this season, at least during games, Streetlife is out of the Bucks' game-time mix.  Have you noticed?

While they're still playing around town (as a group and in solo gigs) and in the BMO Harris Bradley Center atrium before Bucks games, you won't see or hear the band while the game is in progress. 

The band is still a part of the Bucks family, though, and has played several halftime shows.  

I like Streetlife, and since my seats are (were) close to the band I have come to know them a bit and appreciate their talent. Yet, I've always felt that their sound never really traveled well enough through out the entire arena. So, if you weren't seated close to to the band they probably didn't heighten your entertainment value. Compare this to Miller Park. You can hear the organ at Miller Park from all the seats.  

The Bucks regularly poll ticket holders and buyers, and several have told me that the band usually is a point of conversation.

I understand why the Bucks aren't using live music this season. It would seem, though, that there would be a way to somehow use Streetlife in conjunction with the recorded music. Change, though, is usually good and I'm happy that the band is still a part of the team's plans.

As Bucks VP Business Development John Steinmiller told me via email, "We are continuing our relationship with Streetlife that begin in 1985 as they are a valued member of the Bucks entertainment family. This season Streetlife is our featured performer on the BMO Harris Bradley Center Bucks UWM Performance Stage in the outer east at…

Milwaukee's newest J.J.
Milwaukee's newest J.J. (Photo: via

Milwaukee's newest J.J. comes to town just in time to see his favorite band

Milwaukee acquired another J.J. today as the Milwaukee Bucks dealt for J.J. Redick, a sharp shooting guard from the Orlando Magic. Redick’s a Duke guy, so he’ll fit in well with fellow Dukie Mike Dunleavy, Jr.

The 28 year-old was the 11th pick in the 2006 NBA draft, and if you follow him on Twitter you’ll note that he’s a big food and music guy.  Both bode well for a good fit in Milwaukee. 

Fittingly, one of his favorite groups, Milo Greene, plays Milwaukee’s Historic Turner Ballroom on March 25.

Milwaukee loved its first J.J. when Hardy played for the Brewers.  So, let’s also warmly welcome J.J. Redick and his wife to our town. 

Go see him and the rest of the Bucks Saturday night. They host the Hawks at 7:30 p.m.

Zillow: Milwaukee's the best city for women seeking men under age 35

I'm a sucker for lists, and this week we're all suckers for love so I have to share this latest Milwaukee ranking.

Today, Zillow unveiled its "In the Move for Love" index.  It ranks "the best cities for young singles to relocate for love." If you're a guy or girl, straight or gay, Zillow says it has "you covered" with its latest lists.  

And, it seems, women of Milwaukee,  if you're looking for love in Brew City you're in very good luck.

Milwaukee tops the Zillow list as the No. 1 city "for women seeking men age 35 and under."

Yep. Denver, Tuscon, even Miami. They can't complete with our stock of dudes under 35.

Zillow reports a Milwaukee population that is 16.1 percent single men under 35.  So, our ratio of single women to men under 35 is 1.35.  

Other top cities? Worcester, Mass for both men seeking women and women seeing women. For single gay men? Miami topped the list of cities to find love.

Zillow ranked the 150 largest U.S. cities based on the Zillow Rent Index versus the median income, workability and the ratio and abundance of single males to single females under 35.

In other Milwaukee news today, check out what the Baltimore Post Examiner has to say about our fine city. It's very nice.  The link is below.  

Lake Park Bistro always ranks as a destination for romantics.
Lake Park Bistro always ranks as a destination for romantics.

OpenTable: Milwaukee's the 12th most romantic city in America

Milwaukee's making a lot of lists these days. And while many are promotional and purposeful it's great to see our hometown getting national love and respect.

Remember Milwaukee's "sexy" moniker from Marie Claire in 2008? Today's mention is similar as Milwaukee shows up on OpenTable's list of the "Top 25 Most Romantic Cities in the United States."

Milwaukee comes in a very respectable (and lovable) No. 12.

Of course, Valentine's Day is next week and the site encourages you to make your dining reservations now.

By the way, the list "was calculated using three variables: the percentage of restaurants rated "romantic" according to OpenTable diner reviews; the percentage of tables seated for two; and the percentage of people who dined out for Valentine’s Day."

Wanna jet to America's "most romantic city?" It's San Antonio on this list. Chicago, by the way, didn't make it.