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Milwaukee's a fresh water capital.
Milwaukee's a fresh water capital.

Milwaukee:The Capital of Water

It often takes an outsider to help us truly understand the beauty of Lake Michigan and how it benefits the greater Milwaukee area.

Forbes is again that outsider as the site, April 15 print edition and reporter Joann Muller look at Milwaukee's ascent and quest to be the water capital of the world in a story called "The Capital of Water."

It's a great piece and testament to the many people, institutions and entities that have leveraged, promoted and positioned Milwaukee's access to fresh water.

Forbes finds Milwaukee an "emerging Downtown"

Downtown Milwaukee is the economic, civic, cultural and entertainment heart of the state of Wisconsin.  So, it's good news that today Forbes finds our Downtown as one of 15 "emerging downtowns" in the United States.

Others on the list include Denver, Louisville, Des Moines and El Paso.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about Milwaukee:

"The Milwaukee community first turned its sights to downtown in 1988 with the RiverWalk initiative. In the decades since, the city passed zoning changes to encourage developers to erect more housing in the area. In 2002, with the help of $45 million in government funding, the city dismantled the mile-long elevated Park East freeway and replaced it with a landscaped boulevard. According to the Congress for New Urbanism, per-acre land values within the freeway footprint had surged 180% by 2006 from 2001. Since 2000, the downtown population has increased by nearly 26% compared to the greater city of Milwaukee, which has experienced an overall decline. Jobs in the area increased by nearly 4% from 2000 to 2010, and the median income of downtown households has climbed by 38% since 2000, compared to 2% for the city overall, according to Milwaukee Downtown organization."

The list was associated with a story by reporter Morgan Brennan about young professionals. Milwaukee has several of the most engaged and fastest growing young professional organizations in the country.

Bucks guard JJ Redick.
Bucks guard JJ Redick. (Photo: Gary Dineen / NBAE / Getty Images)

Bucks guard JJ Redick on his Duke days, "I was sort of a pr*ck"

I love this time of the year.

I also love Grantland. It’s quickly becoming one of the best sports sites. And, even though, we’re in the thick of "March Madness," the staff at Grantland seem to truly be noticing the Milwaukee Bucks. I like this too.

A story yesterday on Grantland, though, deals with the college hoops escapades of Bucks guard JJ Redick. Redick, if you didn’t know, played for Duke, a team many love to hate.

I’ve always admired Redick’s play and shooting ability and Robert May’s piece on him makes me like him even more.

Read and enjoy it here.

It's a fun insight into the world of big time college basketball and how young players cope with it.

Redick tells Grantland, "I think I created this persona on the court to deal with the antics of the other crowd, to kind of combat that," Redick says. "It’s not who I was. It was never who I was. I look back on that, especially my first two years, and I probably deserved a lot of the animosity."

Happy March Madness, Milwaukee.

Aaron Rodgers, David Gruber and Jeff Gordon

Part 3 of launched today.  

This episode features Brandon Novack. He is a young adult who battled leukemia and won. Check it out below.

Also, there is a new video of David Gruber and Aaron Rodgers talking about the MACC Fund and life in general. 

Finally, if you haven’t seen the new Pepsi Max ad with Jeff Gordon take a look below. Sure, it’s a bit staged (and many sources say that the car salesman is an actor) but it’s very well done and really funny.