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Do people sit in these chairs?
Do people sit in these chairs?
They are in backyards.
They are in backyards.
Adirondack chairs grace many front yards, too.
Adirondack chairs grace many front yards, too.

What's the appeal of Adirondack chairs?

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They're everywhere.  And, many in front yards.  Roll through just about any neighborhood and you'll find a colorful Adirondack chair or a pair of Adirondack chairs perched on the grass just waiting for someone to sit down.

Oddly, though, I rarely see people sitting in these chairs.  Maybe because they're simply not comfortable or maybe they are more lawn ornament than sitting device.

What's the deal with Adirondack chairs, anyway?   

A company in Lake Geneva makes a patented solar illuminating Adirondack chair, there's a coffee table book about these chairs and while they seem more Madison than Milwaukee they're popping up everywhere now that the weather is turning.  

Who knows?  Maybe I'm just not a buy patio furniture kind of guy but I really want to know what the appeal of these things are?  


devidia | May 16, 2013 at 8:55 a.m. (report)

I think they project a laid back, devil may care, summery attitude. Kind of like those Corona beer commercials. More about an attitude than beer. You might be right that they are more ornamental than anything else. They are pretty cool, though.

In the same vein, I have a big, poofy, comfy living room chair that would be awesome to sit in except I have stacks of books sitting on it. It's basically a big, poofy, comfy bookcase. Go figure.

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