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Which toothpaste brand is your favorite?
Which toothpaste brand is your favorite? (Photo:

Two out of three dentists recommend this brand

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OK, gotcha on the headline.  This isn't a survey that found a winning toothpaste brand. Rather an outline of some of the best toothpaste and dental hygiene options out there. 

As you know, the toothpaste section on Amazon or along the dental aisle at your favorite pharmacy or Target are always full of something new, improved, better, whiter, faster and probably more expensive.  I'll admit I kinda like it.  So much selection, so many flavors.  But, what's best for your teeth, your gums and your overall well-being?

I've been a Tom's Natural Toothpaste guy for the past 3-4 years.  I like the flavors, like that I can pronounce most of the ingredients and admire the company's roots. I'm also loyal to Glide tape for my daily flossing. There's no better floss out there. 

I'm no dentist so I reached out to a handful of Milwaukee area dentists to get their takes on what the best brands and products are for your teeth.  I also asked a few follow up questions.

Dr. Megan E. Heitke, D.D.S
Lake Park Dental, S.C.

"I don't have a big preference on a specific type of toothpaste for all patients. If patients suffer from sensitive teeth I recommend anything with potassium nitrate (Sensodyne, Colgate Enamel Protect). For patients that have decalcification or are very prone to cavities I recommend a prescription toothpaste with a high concentration of fluoride, Prevident."

Dr. Mike Dewan
Dewan Dental Wellness

"I use Colgate Cavity Protection. It is non-abrasive, has everything you need and nothing extra. I like simplicity and recommend brushing frequently. It is the mechanical act of brushing that removes plaque from the teeth."

Dr. James Blong
Regional Clinic Director
Dental Associates

"A brand of toothpaste is a personal choice usually determined by its taste. I personally prefer Crest Night White. If you have sensitive teeth, I would recommend Sensodyne toothpaste as I have seen excellent results with patients."

"I have used Tom's Natural Toothpaste in the past but do not see an advantage in its usage. If you like the flavor, then I would recommend it because you will likely brush longer."

"I recommend a fluoride toothpaste especially for children over the age of 2 (a pea-sized amount). The small amount of fluoride you ingest when brushing is negligible. There are two primary ways fluoride prevents decay. First, it cripples bacteria in plaque, inhibiting its ability to produce acid that weaken the tooth structure. Second, it remineralizes where acid damage has already occurred. Moderation is the key to reaping the benefits of fluoride."

"In an ideal world, one should brush their teeth when they wake in the morning, after every meal and at bedtime. But we don't live in this idealistic world, so the bare minimum I recommend for brushing in the morning and before bed."


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