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The Walmart on Capitol Drive.
The Walmart on Capitol Drive.
Ronald, one makeover please.
Ronald, one makeover please.
Bull doze this place and build a Metro Market!
Bull doze this place and build a Metro Market!
Inside and out, this Starbucks could use a reboot.
Inside and out, this Starbucks could use a reboot.

These buildings need design makeovers now

My wife came home from the recently renovated Walmart on Capitol Drive the other day and raved about it. She said it was (obviously) much larger but more intuitive from a design and layout standpoint. All in all, the remodel provided a better shopping experience. And that's really what we all want.

I haven't been to this Walmart yet, but its recent remodel made me think of other big name retailers and entities that need make overs in the greater Milwaukee area.

Allow me to provide the following suggestions.

East Side McDonald's
The McDonald's at 1614 E. North Ave. is seemingly always busy. Its drive-through traffic often extends into the street. Yet, inside and out, this Mickey D's is still caught in the '80s with its non updated looks, small ordering area and rest rooms that could use a makeover. I know many of the area McDonald's are getting the new corporate look, and this one should be added to that list today. 

Pick 'N Save on Oakland Avenue
I've said many times how much I love Metro Market, but this Roundy's location needs to be ripped up and remade. It's too small, outdated and maybe it's just me but I can't find anything here. I'm not a regular, and only have been in the store a few times, but I'm truly hoping that a Metro Market type makeover is in the works at this Shorewood stop.  

Starbucks at Red Arrow Park
Starbucks, like McDonald's, is remaking many of its stores. I really like the Red Arrow location and its creative public-private position, but I'm never really comfortable sitting inside of it. It's a bit hampered by its size, and I think a remodel of the sitting areas and better use of the outside areas could really make this location even more appealing than it already is.

Your thoughts on the above, and other big retailers or restaurants that need design makeovers? Use the talkbacks or Facebook comments now.


sashenkarus | June 12, 2012 at 1:24 p.m. (report)

Hinestly the remodeled walmart on capitol dr looks a bit different from the old one but there are really no huge changes on the exterior look. Its just a different color of masonry blocks. No color or glass to the building at all. Only two entries are made of glass and thats it. So not 21st century look. They need to look at their competitors in europe and asia and see how huge and beautiful their stores look inside and out.

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