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This December, check out the Lexus ads. Your thoughts?
This December, check out the Lexus ads. Your thoughts? (Photo:

Lexus has it wrong

I watch a lot of pro sports, so I can't fast forward through the commercials. Thus, I've noticed the new Lexus spots. You probably have, too. They're well done, creative and stand out in the current clutter of Christmas and holiday hoopla.

But, Lexus has it wrong. Several, including myself and CNET have noticed.

The new stock of Lexus ads seem to take swipes at digital and social media. Why? They say, "You can stay in and 'share' ('like') something, or you can get out there with your friends and actually share ('like') something." It's pure nonsense and just out of touch thinking.

Sure, car ownership is way down for people under 30 and aspirations to high-end auto ownership just aren't what they used to be. Connectedness, though, has changed. It's mobile, social and significant online and offline.

Brands like Lexus need to connect on and offline and stop worrying that Facebook is the reason "kids" aren't buying cars.

I like Lexus, they're very nice vehicles. But people aren't not buying them (or auto brands) because they're spending too much time with media. Just because I'm on social media it doesn't mean that I'm not doing out (in the offline/real world) doing stuff. Frankly, it's the opposite. Digital media spurs more sharing and doing.

Lifestyles, too, have changed, and walkable, dense cities are what people want. Yes, the car is still important in our lives. I love mine. But, it's not as important or even as necessary, especially in cities with real, modern public transit.

So, Lexus. Your ads caught my eye. Kudos. Please, though, don't blame our industry for your decline in sales. Embrace and engage with us. "This December" (as your ads say), and every month, we like to share both online and off. And, often at the same time. Connect with us, don't mock the medium that better connects our lives.


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