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What's your social media agenda?
What's your social media agenda?

11 tips that should improve your social media skills

Several people have asked for "social media tips" lately, so I thought I'd blog about the topic and expand upon a few recent presentations that I've done.

First, "social media" as a term is outdated. It's media, pure and simple. Everything online is social. It's content and context. You're telling your story via media, not "social media." The term isn't going away, but social media is media.  Got it?

To make my tips more easily digestible, here they are in list format. Use and share as you will.

Don't get all caught up in it.
You might say that people don't care what you're doing. You know what?  They do.  But, if they don't, don't worry.  Yet, they probably care more what you're seeing.  So, post pictures and have fun.  But always remember that what you post isn't as important as you think it may be.  It is, as they say, what it is. Don't get all caught up in the buzz. Have fun, be yourself and enjoy it.  

Never apologize for optimism.
Your posts on various media should help you say thanks and cheer on success. Use your words optimistically and cheerfully.  People want to be happy.  Do your part.  And when you get ripped on for being "too happy," let it roll off and move on.  

Listen more and think before you write.
Treat your content like face to face communication. If you wouldn't say it in public or to to my face, don't write it.

Have an agenda.
Know what you want to accomplish, set goals and follow your marching orders.  

Love where you live.
I've always said that cities are only as good as the stories they tell. You live where you do for a reason, so tell others about your hometown. Embrace it, love it and promote it.  It's our responsibility and we all have an audience. More people need to hear the Milwaukee (or whenever you live) story.  Tell it.  

Think, thank, play and pray hard.
Simple advice. Works for about anything, including your social media posts.

Be a resource.
Share, help and assist with your posts. Be generous and don't just share your own content. It's easy to build communities and friends this way. Obviously, I hope you know that just promoting and complaining gets you no where.  Be helpful and others will help you.  

Do what you love, or at least promote it.
More of a career advice tip here. But, social media can and should help you get to where you want to be professionally. Build communities around jobs and topics you like and the dream job just may follow.  

Act like you own the place.
Again, a general tip. But, you're a resource so own it, stand tall and be confident when you post.  Everyone loves a hero.  Be one.  

Be random, just not all the time.
It can't be all play or all business. Be random on Twitter and other places, just not all of the time. Of course, if you embrace random as your agenda then go all out with it.  See #winning.   

Respond and make it known that you're responding.
Finally, when you're responding to a social media post make it known. It's much easier for others to follow the conversation. Of course many services do this for you but never take your audience for granted and rope them in when needed if you're responding to a single person.  

That's all. Go forth, be good and be social.


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