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James Jones has become a go-to receiver for Aaron Rodgers.
James Jones has become a go-to receiver for Aaron Rodgers. (Photo: Jim Biever/Green Bay Packers)
The Packers offense has found a groove.
The Packers offense has found a groove. (Photo: Jim Biever/Green Bay Packers)

Packers hope to sustain offensive rhythm against Rams

The Green Bay Packers, winners of two of three, seem to have found a groove offensively since the controversial 14-12 Monday night loss to Seattle on Sept. 24.

In the first three weeks of the season, the Packers manage 22, 23 and 12 points and a 1-2 record. The last three, the team has scored 28, 27 and 42 to even its season mark to 3-3 in advance of today's game against the St. Louis Rams.

It comes at the right the right time, as St. Louis (3-3) has won all three of its games at home and features pass rushers Robert Quinn (6 sacks) and Chris Long (4) which bookend tackles Kendall Langford and Michael Brockers.

"They do a lot of different things," Packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements said. "They get rush out of their front four. They bring pressure. It's not that they're just relying on the front four. The front four can get there but they do bring pressure and mix things up."

Packers guard T.J. Lang added that the Rams have "A lot of athletic guys on defense, they fly around to the ball on that side of the ball. We know it's definitely going to be a challenge for us so we have to make sure we're doing everything we can to match their effort and their intensity."

The Packers are looking forward to repeat the offensive explosion from Sunday night when Aaron Rodgers threw for six touchdowns against the previously unbeaten Houston Texans.

"It's only one game," Lang said. "We played a damn good team and did a lot of good things on offense, but that's been a problem the first five weeks was we were lacking that consistency of putting it together week after week.

"We do have a lot of confidence right now. We played a good game last Sunday and we're looking forward to the opportunity to continue to grow and build on that and make sure we're stacking our success, as coach likes to say, and staying consistent."

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Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, shown here with his wife at a party last year, performed at The Riverside on Oct. 13.
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, shown here with his wife at a party last year, performed at The Riverside on Oct. 13. (Photo: David Shankbone | Wikimedia Commons)

Seinfeld shines at The Riverside

A decade ago, Jerry Seinfeld released a documentary about his journey back to his roots - stand-up comedy - in the film "The Comedian." It had been four years since the end of his hit TV show "Seinfeld," and he wanted to get back in the game.

The documentary showed the work the now 58-year-old comedian puts into his material, and that preparation was evident from the start of his second show at The Riverside on Oct. 13.

Seinfeld performed for 64 minutes, weaving in and out of his bits effortlessly. His voice was somewhat raspy, but he looked sharp in a dark suit, white shirt and blue tie, and he stuck to the strengths – commenting on every day situations and things - while punctuating punch lines with a raised voice.

He brought a lot of energy to the second show, working the stage from side to side and using his arms and legs to emphasize jokes.

Fans were treated with something Seinfeld says he's never done in 36 years of performing - he dropped the mic minutes into his set. He was doing a weather joke and as he moved his hands up and down, he knocked the mic to the floor. He then joked how the moment will be his Zapruder Film.

In his long set, he worked from weather to food (including a pop tart bit), late night TV and cookies. He really got the crowd going once he moved into bits on Facebook, Twitter, smart phones and OnStar. He then finished up with a strong bit on marriage and fatherhood.

After a standing ovation, he came back out for a question and answer session with the crowd, which led to a bevy of shout-outs regarding his long run sitcom.

"These are all lines from the show that are not funny to me. I was on the show. I was there," he quipped.

When asked what his favorite Milwaukee beer was, he said "I just got here yesterday!"

He ended the short session by saying "This is a more bizarre group of people than I expected" and walked off again to heavy applause.

It was a lively, clever set, and one that got stronger as it went on. The thousands of p…