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Huge personal tragedy happen? Didn't know it? Facebook will tell you.
Huge personal tragedy happen? Didn't know it? Facebook will tell you.

If you die, Facebook will tell your family

I am always trolling for unusual, perhaps disturbing, stories of humanity. This one caught my eye as a family discovered their daughter tragically died not from police, or the institution at which she was studying, but from Facebook.

Obviously there was some institutional oversight as the police should have called the family immediately, followed closely by the university, but what really bothered me was the lack of foresight by the friends of this poor girl.

Yes, they're grieving, but I just don't think young people, at times, quite understand how the world works.

Everything needs to be made public, needs to be shared, needs to be social right now.

That is how the world is moving, but it's how this current generation of young people emotes.

It probably never dawned on them that, "hey, we should maybe wait a while to make sure her family is made aware of all of this." Rather, it's all about me and how I feel and how I choose to let everyone else know how I feel right now.

I believe you can learn tact, however that skill is becoming a lost art.

Some random thoughts:

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