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Milwaukee Bucks center Ekpe Udoh tracked down Betty White recently.
Milwaukee Bucks center Ekpe Udoh tracked down Betty White recently. (Photo: Ekpe Udoh via Twitter)

Have you ever met a TV or movie idol?

Ekpe Udoh gained some internet popularity during the Milwaukee Bucks’ latest road trip when he set out to meet former Golden Girl and comedic icon Betty White. He did, and had the pictures on Twitter to prove it.

It got me thinking – have I met any television or movie stars? And, if I did, why?

Honestly, I can’t remember ever wanting to meet a TV or movie star for any particular reason, and I really have a hard time thinking if I have. I guess you could say I "met" actor Joe Pantoliano, but considering we just happened to be walking into the men’s room at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix at the same time doesn’t constitute a formal "meeting."

If anything, "Cyper" from "The Matrix" just seemed relieved by the fact I didn’t cause a scene by shouting "Take the red pill!" or something like that.

In my life, I can remember chance encounters with athletes in public settings, which as a kid was the coolest thing ever. I loved sports, so those were the guys I wanted to meet. Mitch Williams and Ken "The Snake" Stabler in airports? Yup. Greg Maddux at a truck stop Arby’s? Check. World Series MVP Jermaine Dye in a McDonald’s? Done. TV and movie stars? Not so much.

What about you? Any film or television star you ever wanted to meet? Have you accomplished that goal without being arrested? (And if you were arrested, please share that story, too!)


Fresh Fruit | March 14, 2013 at 1:45 p.m. (report)

In 1968 when Tiny Tim was very popular I was corresponding with him and he always personally wrote back.
When he came to Chicago for a concert, I was invited to his hotel room to meet him and his manager, which I did (along with my parents, since I was 14 at the time). We taped the entire conversation (reel-to-reel - long since lost), and took pictures (which I still have). A friend of mine was also along; we both got flowers and tickets to the concert. We continued a correspondence with him for many years while he was famous. In 1972 I met Jon Voight the actor while at a political rally for George McGovern. He signed my political straw hat.

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