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Plenty of people are still angry with Scott Walker, but that's not why he can't win a presidential election.
Plenty of people are still angry with Scott Walker, but that's not why he can't win a presidential election. (Photo:

He can't win: Walker's missing presidential credentials

Scott Walker has done a good job transforming Wisconsin into a place where businesses want to immigrate, expand and succeed. If you consider the 18 months of turmoil that started his term, it’s an accomplishment to have gotten anything done.

Wisconsin’s manufacturing sector was in rapid deterioration and was no longer competitive for potential businesses looking to grow. Walker stopped the bleeding by reducing regulation and cutting taxes. By focusing on the private sector, he is rebuilding the revenue generating tax base the right way for a stable future.

Of course, his most controversial action was signing legislation to reduce collective bargaining privileges for most public employee unions. These privileges were removed by the same legislative process that added them, yet the methods of outcry bordered on comical. Despite the failed recall attempt, many Wisconsin schools are seeing the benefits that come with putting the students ahead of the teacher’s union in the classroom.

Getting Wisconsin in sound fiscal shape was completely overdue. Becoming efficient and making more with less is the exact opposite of what government seems to accomplish. In truth, the private sector learned the realities of efficiency years earlier. To maintain some sort of future fiscal sanity, the government eventually had to do reign in out of control spending. Our governor deserves a great deal of credit for having the courage to enact fiscal change in a Progressive atmosphere.

Despite all of these positive actions, I cannot recommend that Scott Walker run for president. He can’t win. He won’t win.

There are a few reasons that Scott Walker would be an enormous mistake in the general election. First, he has no college degree. While there have been other presidents without that small piece of paper, a simple history lesson will illustrate why Walker is in a modern day class by himself.

Harry Truman was the last President not to have a college degree. However, Truman was e…

While we continue to sift through the emerging facts, the media continues to show that it doesn't have time to get the facts straight.
While we continue to sift through the emerging facts, the media continues to show that it doesn't have time to get the facts straight. (Photo:

Media rushes to be first, rather than to be right

Yesterday’s bombing in Boston is a difficult incident to comprehend. Innocent children, marathon runners and spectators were killed or injured in a senseless act of violence. Whether the attack was perpetrated by government agencies, right wing Tea Party extremists or Muslims enacting a personal jihad is up for debate. Regardless, the people responsible need to be brought to a swift justice.

While we continue to sift through the emerging facts, the media continues to show that it doesn’t have time to get the facts straight. The disconcerting rush to be first, as opposed to being right, has reached an all-time high. If the need to be first has blurred the lines of journalism, then the need to score political points during a tragedy has erased all lines of journalistic integrity.

Wolf Blitzer got out in front of everybody and wondered aloud if anti-tax groups had anything to do with the explosions. The New York Times' Nick Kristof sent a classy tweet right after the attack blaming House Republicans for the bombings. Not to be outdone, Chris Matthews opined that right-wing extremists might have had something to do with this attack. Last night, Bill O’Reilly called it an act of war. Call me crazy, but shouldn’t we need a foe before declaring war?

There’s nothing worse after a national tragedy than the cretins that emerge from under their rocks and assign blame based on their political leanings. I bet Richard Jewell would have a few interesting points to make about the media reporting before having their facts confirmed.

I have a special affinity for pointing out the incompetence in which the media operates in modern day America. The outlets refuse to tell you the news, but rather what they feel the news means. I’ve got a solution to correct some of the narratives that have been established, leading to these shortcuts being taken during the reporting of national tragedies.

When there is HUGE media event, all of the cable news channels immediately go to w…

Babies deserve to sleep safely.
Babies deserve to sleep safely. (Photo:

Milwaukee's out-in-the-open killer

Last week,’s own Eugene Kane wrote a great piece about the alleged "Smiley Faced Killer." What made Mr Kane’s blog so troubling was the pattern of similar circumstances surrounding the case.

A heavily intoxicated white male always disappears near a river. Even with a lack of evidence, the coincidences are damning for the nine men that have died in the last decade. While the deaths of nine intoxicated men are tragic, they pale in comparison to a far greater threat to innocent Wisconsin residents.

Today, I’d like to talk about another killer of Wisconsinites that is almost exclusively limited to one race. The killer strikes in one area of Milwaukee and involves heavy alcohol or drug use. This killer invokes a series of poor choices that result in the negligent death of another human being.

Having a child is a choice. Raising that child is a choice. Getting intoxicated is a choice. Sleeping with your infant after getting intoxicated is a choice.

Intoxicated co- sleeping is a choice, too. Let’s call it what it is: Passing out while sleeping with an infant.

Unlike drunken bar behavior near a river, some babies in Milwaukee don’t get a chance to choose the circumstances surrounding their deaths. Negligence due to poor choices is punished in all walks of life, except intoxicated co-sleeping deaths for African American parents in the City of Milwaukee.

If I choose to get drunk, choose to load my baby into a car and then wrap that car around a tree resulting in the death of my child, I’d be going to jail. Not even the BS excuse of "The greatest punishment is knowing that I killed my child" would be good enough. This pattern of irresponsible choices needs to be corrected and it needs to be corrected NOW before another innocent baby loses its life.

Obviously, Milwaukee has a problem that essentially affects only one race of citizens in one area of the city. If we recognize there is indeed a problem, what can be done? Let’s look at what the le…

I support the right of Americans to marry whoever they see fit, free of government influence.
I support the right of Americans to marry whoever they see fit, free of government influence. (Photo:

Defining marriage

Growing up in some small communities of rural Wisconsin did not afford me the opportunity to get to know many gay people. It wasn’t until attending college, and later spending six years in the tour and travel industry, that I met people with lifestyles that challenged my own traditional views of sexual orientation.

To me, opposition to same sex marriage comes down to religion. If you remove religion from the equation, there is simply no sensible reason to deny someone the right to love another human being, regardless of sexual preferences.

Many people falling back on religious convictions will tell you that allowing same sex marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage. They will tell you that only God can define marriage and he defines it as one man joining one woman.

But in reality, gay couples don’t care at all about destroying the sanctity of marriage. They care about being able to share benefits, use tax advantages, receive an inheritance and be at the deathbed of a loved one. They care about being afforded the same rights that all traditional married couples currently enjoy.

The religious objection fails to take into account core beliefs, other than God, that helped found this great country. In part, America was founded on the freedom to practice whatever type of religion one sees fit, free of government influence. Having tolerance for the beliefs and rights of others is what all Americans should strive to achieve. Using your beliefs to restrict the rights of others is wrong and is opposite what being an American is all about.

I want to make sure I emphasize that religion still has a critical place in our society. Having a moral code to live by that emphasizes right from wrong is important. I support the sense of charity, through giving, that religion fosters. Certainly, it’s better than no moral compass. I think we’re beginning to see what happens in society when people have no moral compass.

The bottom line is that if conservatives don’t accept …