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Experience sharing among online communities continues to grow exponentially.
Experience sharing among online communities continues to grow exponentially.

Your mom taught you to share (but not everything)

The explosion of social networking has given the masses an all-access pass to the private lives of anyone (and everyone) who jumps into the virtual ocean. Experience sharing among online communities continues to grow exponentially – but really, there's just some sh*t I don't need you to share with me. No really, your mom may have taught you to share, but seriously, discretion anyone?

Let me provide a few examples:

Your Manly / Girly Bits. You may think your nekkid private areas are the cats meow and warrant any given nicknames you've been given – but that doesn't mean the world needs to see them. Once you put those fun bits out there, there's no turning back. They are fair game to all those who are looking and spreads faster than butter on a hot day. Anthony Weiner anyone? Bleh. VERDICT: Thumbs down.

Your Restaurant Review. There's nothing more powerful than personal network referrals, especially when it comes to dining. There are several mobile applications that make facilitate the review of your dining experience (Yelp, Urban Spoon, Google Places) with an online audience. You may think that no one really cares, but trust me we're listening. Eat. Drink. Be merry. Then share! VERDICT: Thumbs up.

Your Acts of Vandalism or Violence. This seems ridiculously obvious and I can't believe I even have to even say this, but lo and behold there are people who still do this, everyday. If you are stupid enough to riot and set things a blaze (yes, I'm talking about you Canuck fans), or go on a paintball shooting spree – then post it to Facebook for your friends to see – you sure as hell better be prepared to be caught. VERDICT: Thumbs down.

Your Attendance to an Event or Concert. As hard as we try, we can't be in more than one place at a time. The laws of physics have put the kibosh on this. But what we CAN do is share the awesomesauce events, concerts, benefits, etc. with our online networks – and make them feel like they are there, too! For instance, this weekend…

You get the idea.
You get the idea. (Photo: Christine Landis)

Operation Smile, Snort or Laugh

By now you're aware (or at least should be) that I'm in love with Twitter. I'm just in-like with Facebook, but that's neither here nor there.

One of the umpteen million reasons why I think Twitter is the bee's knees, is the support, encouragement and overall positive vibes that perfect strangers – and friends – are willing to send your way when you're not feeling so hot. Don't get me wrong, there are serious turds in the punch bowl (thanks, TV) out there, but I'll call them out at another time. This post is all about the positive.

As some of you may know, I am one of many that suffer from debilitating migraines. These are not just any garden-variety headaches. These are the kind that knock you on your butt, make it damn near impossible to function. I've suffered them for the majority of my life, most of them stemming from blows to the head I took during my soccer-playing years.

I don't like to mention the pain that they put me in, lately on a more frequent basis. In the grand scheme of things, my migraines are nothing compared to some of the more serious diagnoses that close friends and family have had to encounter. I am alive, breathing and (for the most part) healthy. I am very thankful. Complaining is not an option. So I hide it.

But every once in a while, in a moment of weakness I let it slip that I am hurting.

And that's where people I've come to know – and some that I've haven't even met yet – come into play. These people (I refuse to call them followers) take the time to send 140 characters of a pick-me-up my way. Whether it's a "hang in there," "how can I help?" or "who's ass do I have to kick to make you feel better?" it makes me smile, snort or even laugh. This provides a few moments that allow me to forget about the pain. Each message is invaluable to me.

Because I know how messages like that make me feel, a small mission of mine each day is to try and do the same for others who may need it as well. It's not hard to do, and I hope those who …