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The less-than-glamorous side of rock 'n' roll.
The less-than-glamorous side of rock 'n' roll.

I'm a roadie

An oft-repeated scene from pretty much every episode of "Sex and the City" has been on replay in my head and is eerily playing out before me with each keystroke...

Carrie Bradshaw sitting on her bed or at her desk, in her little NYC apartment, wearing a ridiculously high-fashion "lounge" outfit, typing her innermost thoughts, most passionate desires, personal questions and deep thoughts across the keyboard of her Mac, her sing-songy voiceover humming each word as it floats across her computer screen ...

Delusions of Sara Jessica Parker and some sort of unexplainable magnetizing force have brought me here, to this moment, sitting at my suburban kitchen table (a.k.a. "Command Central") in front of my MacBook Pro, donning completely unglamorous sweats, denying makeup and sans clever voiceover.

I am experiencing an unwelcome side effect of my new day job. My latest endeavor has squashed the scribe within me. I have been afflicted with what is commonly known as writer's block.

Or maybe it's not full on writer's block, as here I sit, fueled by black coffee and typing away, but it's more of a singular focus as I learn the ins and outs of my new position while experiencing it and a very real lack of time in my day to role play that I'm Carrie.

Trial by fire is a euphemism for the on-job training I have been through since March. I've been living in hotels on and off, getting a truer taste of the rock 'n' roll life on the road that my husband has lived the last decade of his life.

My new situation is nothing like when I visit him on tour. No, this career consists of days so long I tremble to even write the number, sore muscles and joints, bruises and broken nails.

I am a roadie.

I'll be working on a rock tour all summer long, living on a crew tour bus and throwing up double rock horns as often as possible.

And hopefully ... you will benefit from my experiences, as I learn how to keep fit on a brutal schedule, deal with the challenge of eating healthy when at the merc…