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Trade and collect with your friends!
Trade and collect with your friends!

Superheros and trading cards

It's documented in countless childhood photos and is catalogued on basement shelves in cardboard boxes: I've always had a thing for superheroes and trading cards.

There's the picture of me at five in my Wonder Woman nightgown, bravely avenging evil. Another shows my hair braided and rolled onto the sides of my skull, playing Princess Lea to my brothers' Luke and Darth Vader. I role played She-Ra to my classmates' He-Man on the playground for hours on end. Transformers, Superman, Gremlins and Ghostbusters ...

I've been Cat Woman a couple times for Halloween and in general, still fancy myself a bit of a super-powered ninja.

Shoebox upon shoebox of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards lined my closet floor, rivaling my brothers' baseball card collection complete with sticks of stale, hard pink, powdered chewing gum.

I harassed every Glendale police officer I encountered in hopes of acquiring a Brewers trading card from them.

And who could forget the bright yellow glow of Pokemon cards??

Now, I am the star of my own collectible trading card. A super hero of my own invention on my signature, hot pink "Meet-Meme" Social Trading Card generously provided to me by local company, First Edge Solutions and Meet-Meme.

Milwaukee born Jonathan "Brew" Brewer, is "Director of Awesome," co-creator of "Meet-Meme" and works for First Edge Solutions.

"Brew" has birthed the ultimate fusion of our societal fascination with super heroes and the hobby of trading card collecting. He co-created "Meet-Meme" Social Trading cards to blend this nostalgia with current technology.

"Meet-Meme" makes it possible for you to supplement your boring old business card with an interactive, colorful, exchangeable trading card that instantly connects people to your online presence.

You can finally ditch those superhero Underoos and D&D cards for a functional fantasy that has real-world applications.

"Meet-Meme" is a social trading card that displays all of your social networking stats, contact info and has a scannable QR code to instantly connect collectors to the "online version of your Meet-Meme trading card, complete with links to connect across your preferred communication channels online and offline."

The cards also feature your "special power." Feel free to get creative with this one. The possibilities are endless and is your chance to declare you can do whatever you've always wanted to without boundaries. Leap tall buildings in single bound or train monkeys to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" backwards. Whatever makes you, you. I have "a polished finger on the pulse of beauty, fashion, fitness and nutrition trends."

Moohahahahahahahahaha! (Maniacal laughter from's not very villainous vixen.)

The cards provide a surprising side effect of in-person social enrichment, as the cards are a great conversation starter beyond, "What do you do?"
According to Brew, the cards allow you to connect "on a deeper level" providing a link between the digital experience and real-life social experience."

Brewer suggests that the cards are great on an individual basis to build your personal brand or just for fun. Businesses can hire Meet-Meme to lecture about social media, consult on morphing "friends" into customers and using the cards for "ice breaker" games. Additionally, Meet-Meme works with companies/brands to integrate the cards into campaigns.

So, why be just a blogger, tweeter or Facebooker?

Be a cyber, super hero and take social networking to the next level with your own "Meet-Meme" trading card.


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