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When did "XOXO" lose its innocence?
When did "XOXO" lose its innocence?

The "XOXO" debacle

This actually happened – just not to me. (Yet.)

Weeks ago, a married, female friend of mine sent out a mass text wishing everyone in her phone a "Happy Easter! XOXO"

A few moments later, my friend's phone rang with the irate wife of a work colleague on the other end.

"Whose phone is this?" the fuming spouse demanded.

My friend explained and the wife inquired, "Why are you sending my husband XOXO's?"

The conversation escalated, threats were hollered and things ended un-amicably. The husband called my friend apologetically. But, the damage had been done – all with a few characters in a text that don't even spell a word, but imply something much deeper for some people.

Admittedly, this could happen to me at any moment. I abuse the "XOXO" on a daily basis.

I sign emails, texts to both sexes and even pantomime my beloved signature in conversations – drawing "XOXO" with my pointer finger in the air.

To me, these letters mean "hugs and kisses." However, this is more of a quick wrap of the arms around the receiver's body and a peck on the cheek. Not a passionate, drawn-out embrace followed by tongue.

My intention is never sexual with this salutation, but more a signal of affection to those who receive it from me.

If you get an "XXX" from me – that's a different story.

I recently went to a band's website – they offer free downloads of their albums signed, "XO." Does that mean they are including a free make-out session with every download? Well, maybe – they are a band after all.

So, what do you think? Has "XOXO" lost its innocence? If so, I better stop using it with my brother, male friends (especially the married ones) and colleagues of either sex.

I am clamoring to know, when did "XOXO" become a sext?


baciami | May 21, 2012 at 7:00 a.m. (report)

my wedding rings gold and diamonds are xoxoxo... I wonder if Tiffany & Co. realize they're selling smut now.

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