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Rishi Tea, a Milwaukee-based company, sells Matcha Japanese Green Tea in powder form.
Rishi Tea, a Milwaukee-based company, sells Matcha Japanese Green Tea in powder form.

Could matcha lure me away from my morning coffee?

I'm contemplating an experiment of morning beverages.
A friend gave me a box of Rishi's Japanese Matcha Tea, saying that drinking it every day changed his life. He didn't go into detail or give any specifics but it was enough of an endorsement to provoke me to at least give it a try.

Matcha is a Japanese tea with, according to the packaging, three times the health benefits of one glass of green tea. Its long list of benefits includes acting as an anti-depressant and increasing levels of energy.

Each time I've drank the bright green tea this week, I've been shocked at how much energy I have late into the day. I admit, it could quite possibly be solely a subconscious association, but I haven't ruled out the possible miraculous affects of matcha.

So, I've realized the only real way to truly test the power of matcha would be to swap out my morning coffee and see what transpires.

I don't drink a ton of coffee, just a cup a day, but I don't remember the last time I went without it and as such, I know it would be brutal to cut it out of my daily routine. Enter matcha.

The price is about the same; Rishi sells a 10 pack of matcha for $19, slightly more expensive than buying a cup of coffee every day at Alterra.

Does anyone have any experience or advice on Japanese matcha? Use the Talkback feature below.


mrdobolina | Sept. 13, 2009 at 8:48 p.m. (report)

Got absolutely hooked on it in Japan. A friend is sending me a tin of it over soon. Great to know I can get it in the city though. Ever had matcha ice cream? Best flavor ever!

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