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B+L's newly designed Web site is here ...
B+L's newly designed Web site is here ...
... and so are its new digs.
... and so are its new digs.

I've got some good news and some bad news

Our agency, Boelter + Lincoln, is moving. On May 4, our doors will open at 222 E. Erie St. in the celebrated Third Ward. On top of that, we've got a new Web site that went live earlier this year. These new, exciting events have been uplifting, however, the state of the economy and our unemployed friends out there have kept us humble.

Like most local ad agencies, we've felt the sting of a fear-drenched economy. Consumer money slows its flow, clients scale back efforts due to less income and, ka-BOOM, we're forced to lay-off employees. It's heartache on top of anxiety.

I always feel thankful for my lot in life and for my work, but it's getting to the point where fear is overtaking the appreciation.

The paradigm is not only shifting in our business, but our entire way of life. I've been looking forward to our new digs for a long time now. At first, I was glad to be out of our old place -- the historic, but uncared for Germania Building -- but now my happiness lies in the hope of a new beginning. Some new outlook that will give us the power to grow not only our biz but also the ad industry as a whole.

Not that we're an agency on the ropes. Our shop is healthy and happy -- just a bit smaller than last year. We're a group of fighters. We're scrappy and quirky. We're positive and strong. But like most companies, we're a little bumped and bruised on the heels of the downturn.

So, why move in such an unpredictable time? It's about health, financial and emotional. It's smart business. Now, the trick is tempering our enthusiasm with empathy. It's good news and bad news.

So, here's to a sparkling new future. And here's to our new space and our new Web site. And, most importantly, here's to our colleagues looking for a little security. Godspeed.