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Don't get me wrong, I love the occasional frozen yogurt, but why are there so many shops?
Don't get me wrong, I love the occasional frozen yogurt, but why are there so many shops?

The frozen yogurt invasion

Last week, I reported that CherryBerry Yogurt Bars were coming to the area. Prior to that, Milwaukee welcomed Yo Mama (which has two locations now), Yo Factory, Berry Me on Brady ... What am I forgetting?

Yesterday, I learned that two Yumz Frozen Yogurt shops are coming to town this summer. (The exact locations have not been disclosed yet, but stayed tuned to

I know everything old is new again and trends resurface over time, but still. I thought that frozen yogurt was a product of the '90s? Although still going strong, TCBY seems to have peaked in popularity during that era.

So what's the deal with the renaissance of frozen yogurt culture? (Pun intended, sorry). Is it because frozen yogurt has less fat than custard? And if so, did we learn nothing from the "non-fat yogurt" "Seinfeld" episode?


How much do you love your cousin?
How much do you love your cousin?

Confirmed: it's legal for first cousins to marry in Wisconsin

The things you learn on Facebook.

A few weeks ago, I posted a story about wedding officiants in Milwaukee and interviewed Judge Derek Mosley. He was already a Facebook friend of mine and I have often enjoyed his posts.

Today's post, however, was my all-time favorite.

Mosely, who is Chief Judge of the Municipal Court, posted this as his morning status update:

"While doing some marriage license research for a couple, I discovered that first cousins in Wisconsin CAN marry, just as long as the female has attained the age of 55 or either party has been sterilized. Might be time for me to drop the 'you guys first cousins?' joke from my initial marriage conversation meetings."

So, there you have it folks. And if you have a secret "kissing cousins" situation going on, turns out, Wisconsin approves. As long as you're OK with raising cats or chickens instead of children, of course.

Before Facebook, did anyone use the word "unfriend?"
Before Facebook, did anyone use the word "unfriend?"

Want to know who's unfriending you on Facebook?

Somebody unfriended me on Facebook today. Somebody I know in real life. For a second, I actually had a feeling about it – that same feeling when you realize, also via Facebook, that a few of your friends went out for drinks without you. (The audacity!)

And then the thought, "Huh, I wonder why she unfriended me?" Then I actually came up with a reason. Oy.

I finally came around to the fact that this is funny, and I started thinking about whether or not I would want the option to receive an update from Facebook whenever someone unfriended me. Not that Facebook offered this, but what if they did? (And while "they" were on it, maybe they could offer the much-requested "dislike" button, too).

Given the chance to know, I would be completely torn. On the one hand, I am a person that firmly believes if information is out there, I want it. It's like people who don't want to know the sex of their baby. I love these people, they want a little surprise in their lives. It's fun. But me, I'm too instant gratification-y. If that nurse sees boy parts on the monitor, I need to know this asap.

So if Facebook offered the chance to know exactly who was unfriending me, philosophically I want to know. But the insecure 13-year-old who is apparently still curled up in my psyche with a Judy Blume book probably couldn't handle it.

So my answer is no. I think. But what about you? Would you want to know?

What Casablanca currently looks like ...
What Casablanca currently looks like ...
... and what it will look like by the end of July.
... and what it will look like by the end of July.

Casablanca undergoing major changes

Popular Middle Eastern restaurant, Casablanca, 728 E. Brady St., is currently undergoing a major renovation project.

Owner Alaa Musa says construction crews are working "around the clock" to have the massive undertaking finished in time for Brady Street Festival, July 28.

A second floor will be added to the structure and will feature a full service bar, a lounge and banquet space. There will also be a front terrace and a side patio extending over the parking lot on the west side of the structure.

"The menu will be the same, but with additional items," says Musa.

Casablanca started out on Mitchell Street and continues to be a family-owned restaurant today.

Despite the major changes, the business remains open. Stop in for the lunch buffet – it's one of my favorites in the city.