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Tell the truth. Tell the time.
Tell the truth. Tell the time.

Time is not irrelevant for this Facebook group

Groups exist on Facebook for bands of all genres, for people who love cats (like, a lot a lot) and for parents in search of advice or cyber shoulders to cry on.

Hence, it's almost – almost – not surprising that there’s a group dedicated to posting the correct time. (By the way, it’s 10:14 a.m.)

George Geankoplis started the group – called, aptly, "What Time Is It?" – and so far 130 people share his "sheer joy of sharing the time."

"I felt as though time aficionados were underrepresented on Facebook and a platform for sharing the correct time would be a valuable addition," he says.

Is this a joke? Well, yes. And yet, people do share the correct time all the time.

"11:03," posts Laurie Kern.

Geankoplis would prefer if all of the posts were uniform. So, instead of "11:03," Kern – if strictly adhering to the rules – should have posted "It’s 11:03." 

In a perfect world, Geankoplis would prefer people added "a.m." or "p.m."

"It's not a group for funny comedy jokes, or making sure people notice how original and creative you are. It's a group for posting the correct time in the simplest written or graphic form possible," says Geankoplis.

I like time as much as the next guy and so, last week, I joined. For my first post, I typed "7:23." But at the very same second of posting, the time changed to 7:24. And so, of course, I apologized to the group for the misinformation.

Although extremely time sensitive, the group is supportive to newcomers and they assured me it was OK. Geankoplis posted at 7:25, "That's well within the parameters of the page. Well done, excellent first try."

Geankoplis has a few disclaimers on the page, so members don’t blame the group for a missed interview or flight take-off.

"This page is not a clock and should at no time be used as such," reads the fine print. "Consult a clock for the correct time in your area."

By joining the group, members must accept that the page administrator has "all rights to any phrase or thought expressed on the page." Even thoughts visitors have "while looking at the page are property of the page."

Also, witchcraft is a deletable offense. "Please refrain from practicing witchcraft while on or near the page," says Geankoplis.

On an up note, though, "If two people happen to post the exact same time, they shall remain BFFs for the rest of the calendar day."

Sadly, the group has waned a bit lately. It seems, perhaps, people eventually tire of posting the time and noting the time? As a new member, I hope to amp up the tick tock love.

"We welcome newcomers, but troublemakers and wise guys are dealt with immediately and without right of appeal," says Geankoplis. "Read the rules first, watch the page for a little while, try to get an idea of how things are done and then give it a shot. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right the first time."

(It’s 10:43 a.m.)


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