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The Westwood Inn might be lovely this time of year.
The Westwood Inn might be lovely this time of year.

Muskego woman and Missouri motel have something in common

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Jenni Buehler, who lives in Muskego, has never been to the Westwood Inn in Branson, Mo. and yet she often fields phone calls for the motel that promises amenities like an "in-room coffee maker" and "lots of TV stations."

Turns out, Bueler’s cell number is just one digit different from the motel’s and the similar numbers create bucketloads of Southern fried misconnections.

Although Buehler never answers unknown calls, people often leave a voicemail inquiring about their upcoming stay – most likely because her outgoing message is the standard electronic recording and does not reveal her name.

"I always return the calls so they're not twisting in the wind wondering why the motel hasn't gotten back to them. Generally, the folks sound up in years and are VERY grateful that I have alerted them to their mistake," says Buehler.

"I close by wishing them a safe trip – but stop short of saying, ‘y'all call back now, ya hear?’"


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