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Got flu? Then you know this guy.
Got flu? Then you know this guy.

Thanksgiving feast a joke for stomach flu folks

Hopefully you haven't noticed, but many Milwaukeeans have been plagued with stomach flu lately. In my world, there are a few different strains of this nasty nasty, and none of them are pleasurable.

My family got the bug last week. Thankfully, we got it one right after the other, which dragged it out, but never struck down two people at once. It has been days since anyone hugged porcelain, but we're still struggling with sour stomachs and an abnormal lack of interest in food.

This is truly a bummer with the big turkey feast scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll miraculously feel ravenous in 24 hours -- after days of cracker nibbling -- but if not, save me a leg or two, would ya?


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