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The Pedal Pusher Society is ready to rock your world.
The Pedal Pusher Society is ready to rock your world.

Pedal Pushers' "winterless formal" wants you

The Pedal Pusher Society's Winterless Formal – think of it as an "adult prom" – will take place on Saturday, March 24 at Stonefly Brewery, 725 E. Center St. at 10 p.m. The cost is $5.

DJ Shouty and DJ Trash Talk will co-headline the event.

The Pedal Pusher Society was founded in 2005 to encourage women and people who are queer and/or transgender to participate in and transform bike culture in Milwaukee.

I'm not sure this needs to be said, but: you do not have to be a woman, queer, gay, lesbian, bi or transgender to attend. All are welcome.

I could recount what co-organizer Susie Seidelman told me about this annual event, but she does such a fine job speaking for herself. So here you have it:

Me: So what's new this year?

Susie: We're very focused on the dance party this year. Sorry, no kissing booth in the courtyard, but feel free to make out all over the dance floor.

The photo booth will be back, however, and this year it's taking center stage, literally, so it'll be a much more visible, interactive feature.

Also, anyone who's ever had their bike stolen can enter the Heartbreak and Loss Confessional to have their story audio recorded for a chance to win some pretty slammin' prizes. Catharsis plus prizes is always a good combo.

M: Why should someone consider attending this?

S: Why on earth wouldn't you attend this? Do you hate amazing dance parties brimming with attractive, friendly people? Because if so, then you should probably stay home.

M: What if you don't have a sweetheart?

S: OK, I'm sorry, but if you really need a sweetheart to dance your ass off, I would like to have a conversation with you about basic life values and prioritizing. But if this is truly important to you, you're really sweating it, I have this to say: if you're in the market, your odds of finding that special someone increase sharply at this event. I know at least three couples who met at one of our dances. No lie!

M: Is this like my high school winter formal?

S: No it is not. Unless your high school winter formal was the very best night of your life. Then it is very much so like your high school winter formal.

M: What should I wear?

You should wear something that will make all your dreams come true. That said, we'd be really excited to see the dance floor filled with people wearing amazing things.

M: Anything else?

S: No free food, no free drinks, just the most awesome night of your life.


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