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Valentine's Day is just around the corner.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

Nirvana's tips for Valentine's Day success

With Valentine's Day approaching, it might be a good idea to highlight new ways to embrace and think about the holiday.
For so long, Valentine's Day was one of those days that you either wait for eagerly like a kid on Christmas Eve, or you dread like the plague.

I have found that there are reasons for both; when you are in love, every day seems like Valentine's Day. On the other hand, when you're post break up, or going through a dry spell, can feel like the longest day of the year.

No matter how you look at Valentine's Day, here are a few tips to make this Valentine's Day one of the best you have ever had whether you're married, single or even if "it's complicated."

Single ladies -- This year, instead of rolling your eyes every time the floral delivery man walks through the office door (I used to do this), I encourage you to do something wonderful for the most special person in your life ... you!

Give the person you know and love best some much-needed attention and pampering. I suggest sending yourself some flowers and candy to brighten up your desk, and remind yourself just how lucky you are and how sweet it is to be loved by you! If PDA isn't your thing, then might I suggest a facial from Neroli Salon and Spa, which offers a Pure Focus Facial starting at $45! Make your online reservation today.

Single men -- Don't worry I won't mention anything about facials or sports mani-pedis. I'll keep it simple and focus on your taste buds. What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with beer and food? Northern Brewer located in West Allis is offering Beer and Chocolate pairing, featuring Lucy Saunders, author of "Grilling with Beer." There is a match made in heaven: a man, his beer and his grill. Now don't say I didn't hook you up! Check out the Web site for more information.

Couples (married or not) -- In this day an age, the elements of romance have been replaced with the connivance of technology. We are more comfortable texting our feelings instead of talking, sending the Facebook i-heart posts instead of writing love letters, and going out to eat instead of taking the time to cook and enjoy time together. This Valentine's Day I challenge you to bring back the romance and fall in love all over again. Here are some fun activities to get the creative juices flowing:

  • There is nothing hotter and more romantic than the seductive art of dance-Hot Water, 818 S. Water St., offers some sultry selections. Try out Tango Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m. or Salsa Saturdays starting at 8 p.m. with free dance lessons. After the dirty dancing entice your lovers taste buds and finish the night off with mojito's at Kana' Mojito Bar located at 203 W. Mitchell St. I invite you to experience everything from the sugar cane mojito to spicy jalapeño mojitos.
  • Instead of going to the movies, make it a Blockbuster night and watch classic love titles such as "An Affair to Remember," "The Notebook," "Love Jones," "Serendipity," "Pretty Woman" or "The Thomas Crown Affair." Don't forget to pop a nice bottle of champagne, and make homemade chocolate covered strawberries!
  • For the lovers that are on a budget, remember that some of the best things that life has to offer are free -- or close to it. Milwaukee has more to offer than a lot of people know. Take your honey to Centanni Piano Bar, 218 N. Water St., for live music and martinis. Top the night off with hand holding and hot chocolate, at Milwaukee's Red Arrow Park for some outdoor ice skating.

One last idea for the old school lovers; it has been said that scent and music are tied to memory so why not take that special someone back to when you first met with a personalized music CD.

If that is too time consuming, then let Al Green do the work for you. His greatest hits collection features all of his great love classics. If you are a student of the new school, then might I suggest grabbing a copy of Robin Thicke's latest, "Sex Therapy, or Sade and her long-awaited album, "Soldier of Love," available Feb. 9.

Now that you have a few new ideas for Valentine's Day, I hope that it is one of the sexiest, the most romantic and one of the most memorable.


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