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Wisconsin Humane Society pet of the week: Tippy

Tippy is the kind of cat who will quickly bond with you and follow you around the house like a little dog.

She’s a 10-year-old, domestic, medium-haired cat with an absolutely gorgeous tortoiseshell coat and stunning profile. Tippy exemplifies all the characteristics of a refined feline – she’s graceful, polite, never too demanding and sometimes a little fickle.  She loves to be brushed and needs it, too!  Her coat is thick and will require weekly brushing. 

Tippy is very affectionate and warms up quickly.  She may be a little shy when you first bring her home, but she will soon be rubbing up against your leg and exploring the room.

Tippy loves attention so much that she would be happiest in a home without other animals or children under 12.  As a senior cat, she would be a great companion for an older person or couple or for younger cat-lovers without little kids.  Tippy doesn’t have crazy kitten-energy anymore, but she will chase invisible critters around the house for your entertainment; she’s a performance artist at heart!

The adoption fee for Tippy, and all adult cats at the Wisconsin Humane Society is waived, so if you are interested in this stunning cat, check her out at or call 414-ANIMALS.

Sparky needs a "retirement" home.
Sparky needs a "retirement" home.

Wisconsin Humane Society pet of the week: Sparky

We all get gooey over puppies, don’t we?  We “ooo,” “ah,” squeal and slip into baby-talk.  But older animals can make the best pets, especially for someone who’s unable to walk a dog every day or to play fetch for hours on end.  Enter Sparky, a senior Labrador Retriever/Siberian Husky mix who needs a loving “retirement home."

Sparky is almost 11 years old, but he’s in great health and loves to perform tricks for treats and take slow walks in the sunshine. Sparky knows several commands, listens well and works hard to please others.  He’s very gentle and has even accompanied a WHS staffer to an elementary school, where he was perfect!  His laid-back attitude and pleasant personality will help him adjust quickly to a new home. 

Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner couch potato, especially since you could have this new furry friend to join you!

The adoption fee for Sparky, and all dogs at the Wisconsin Humane Society, covers spay/neuter surgery, microchip identification, a health exam, initial vaccinations and heartworm tests.