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Wisconsin Humane Society pet of the week: Angel

Live in a condo and can’t have dogs -- or even cats?  Or do you have to pop a few allergy pills on the way to your friend’s house because Mr. Whiskers climbs all over you?

Lots of animal-loving people can’t have traditional animals because of allergies, landlord restrictions or hectic lifestyles.  Here’s a great alternative: a bird!  More specifically, a dove like Angel, pictured above.  Doves make great companions, plus they’re pretty quiet and low maintenance.  Yes, they do require daily interaction and a little TLC, but they don’t need to be walked, and they won’t sit on your head in the morning (yes, I’m talking about you, Mr. Whiskers).  Doves live at least seven to 10 years and have been known to reach 25.

Most people don’t know that doves are extremely tame, and Ringneck doves, like Angel, don’t bite either. They are the most docile of all domestic birds and even a total stranger can reach into a cage and pick up a dove without creating panic or screeching.  They’re excellent for gentle children and surprisingly social.  Get two and watch them mimic each other and coo back and forth. 

The Wisconsin Humane Society has many other petite pals to visit.  Rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, domestic mice, hamsters and even cockatiels. They’re all in need of loving homes, so take a look at

Wisconsin Humane Society pets of the week: Trinidad and Havana

Ready to start your family of furry, four-legged children?  How about brothers Trinidad and Havana? 

Trinidad is a smart, happy dog who has a ton of potential! This eight-month-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Siberian Husky mix is energetic and motivated. He loves to learn new things and especially loves to play ball.  If you’re looking for a running partner, fishing buddy or camping companion, Trinidad is your guy.  He’d be thrilled to take agility or tricks classes, too.  When you come to meet him at the Wisconsin Humane Society, he’ll be excited to meet you!  Promise.
Both Trinidad and his brother (er, virtual twin), Havana, have perky ears, reddish coats and lean bodies, making them distinctive stand-outs.  Trinidad has unusually expressive features and makes all sorts of silly faces. His eyes light up when you bring out the leash and his head cocks to the side when he doesn’t recognize a sound.  He’s especially engaged with people and makes a lot of direct eye contact; he thrives on human interaction and will likely bond strongly with his new guardians.

So, start your fuzzy family.  The “work” is half-way done with this whole package.

Pet sounds

Where music and good intentions intersect, you’ll find Milwaukeean Jeff Winkowski.  You’ll also find his newest compilation CD -- to benefit the Wisconsin Humane Society -- called “Don’t Be Cruel -- Wisconsin Bands-Together for The Humane Society.”

The CD features 13 tracks from Milwaukee bands or bands with Milwaukee connections, including Codebreaker, Compound Red, Kill Me Tomorrow, Trolley and Burbank Cartel. 

Winkowski, who’s been a musician since the tender age of 11, says his motivation for producing “this humble, little record” was two-fold.  One, he wanted to capture what he calls “a new, dirty, gritty sound in Milwaukee.”  Two, he wanted to support a non-profit agency that seems to have endless fans and connections.

“A lot of the aspects of the recording were made available to me at a reduced rate because the project is a fundraiser,” explained Winkowski.  “People have such positive feelings toward the Wisconsin Humane Society; I’d constantly hear things like, ‘Oh, yeah, I got my two cats from the Humane Society.  It’s a great place.”

But don’t think this recording is leaning on good karma alone.  Winkowski -- who hand-picked the bands, worked on the packaging, produced three of the tracks and oversaw production of the entire compilation – partnered with producer Trevor Sadler, who’s worked with Nine Inch Nails and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

There’s a third bit of motivation, too.  Winkowski says he wants to support local record stores.  You won’t find this recording available online for purchase or download; it’s only available at Rush-Mor Records and Atomic Records.