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Ready for My Wrap Album

OK so this is a procrastination technique.  Plain and simple.  I have presents to wrap and got introspective...or that's my excuse right now anyhow.  I'm getting pensive and asking a lot of questions in my head about wrapping gifts as I'm doing it poorly--2 days before Santa arrives.  I'm not even getting into bows and ribbons here...just simple wrapping stuff.  Maybe you can help me answer my burning questions:

Through the years I have successfully kept a cadre of wrapping paper and gift tags (usually picked up in after Christmas clearance from the year before) for family gifts outside of our immediate household and separate from "Santa's wrapping paper and gift tags" and, am in the midst of going bonkers with it.  My son is 10 so you'd think I'd be in the clear...but with the "genius" spacing of our kids...I'm in it for at least 8 more years of keeping distinct Santa wrapping stuff for the young one who will be 3 in late Feb.  Am I the only one who does this?  I'm just looking for some peer support people.

Here's another desperately dumb wrap or not wrap stocking stuffers?  I mean, they are already in a stocking, right?  Maybe I'm just getting lazy though and looking for excuses.

And then there's my technique...I absolutely love and am jealous of the job that the wrapmasters at the department stores do (how do they do that?  Is there a class or something?), I seriously want that skill.  I have even bought (still on clearance) the expensive paper and bows with the false hope that they alone may solve my wrapping problems, to no avail.  I swear, I can NEVER get my paper measurement right, always use too much tape, always have the package with the small strip of box evident because I cut it just a little too small and then I try to put random pieces to cover the space but then there's the tape issue all over again...or the opposite problem, I have that huge paper that folds over itself and looks equally shabby.  I believe (heck I KNOW) I'm a remedial wrapper, yet I am responsible for almost all wrapping for our family (except gifts to me from my husband).  Does someone have REAL easy wrapping tips?

 By the time anyone reads this, I will likely have once again completed the wrapping tasks that lie ahead of me tonight.  But, there's always next year...and birthday, Valentine's and other assorted wrappings in 2009 that could benefit from the Yoda-like wisdom of professional wrappers out here.  C'mon people...this could be the best Christmas present I get this year--helpful wrapping wisdom from a wrapper with mad skills. 

PS if you're looking to give a gift to charity, but like me, don't have wrapping skills, check out OMC's Wish List and I'll bet any one of those nonprofits won't have a problem accepting an unwrapped gift. 

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