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A Voice for Animals in the Economic Downturn


A Voice for Animals during the Economic Downturn 

Animal Fairy Charities, a non profit organization is launching Animal Advocate Television, a show aimed at raising awareness for animal welfare and giving voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.


Franklin, WI (Animal Fairy Charities) March 23, 2009


Animal Advocate Television, Wisconsin’s premier animal welfare television show airs this month on Time Warner Cable On Demand. The show will raise awareness for local animal shelters and horse rescues, encourage the public to foster and adopt and will inform and educate on state and federal animal welfare legislation as well as encourage parents to teach children compassion at an early age.


With the bad economic downturn, shelters are seeing a decrease in donations and will have to learn to be more creative in their fund raising efforts in order to maintain their operations.  “When a shelter closes its doors or is forced to downsize, we all lose”, says Debra Lopez, founder of Animal Fairy Charities.  “We must do all we can to help these shelters and those who are in the trenches everyday caring for our animals.  Many non profits can no longer rely on corporate donations and are depending on the general public.” said Lopez.


In addition to the lack of donations, many shelters are overwhelmed with pets being surrendered.  Many financially strapped families and some who have suffered foreclosure are forced to give up their pets.  Animal Advocate Television will strive to encourage those animal lovers who are able, to foster.  Several shelters are already working with foster families until those who have suffered a set back can get back on their feet again.  “Many people just don’t realize that they are saving two lives when they foster.”  Lopez added.

 Animal Advocate Television will also dedicate a fair amount of time encouraging parents to teach their children compassion at an early age.  An abundance of research has documented the link between animal abuse and violence towards people. According to The Humane Society of The United States, here in Wisconsin, 68 percent of battered women with pets reported that their animals had also been abused. Of these incidents, 75 percent occurred in the presence of children.  

Animal Advocate Television premiers this month on Time Warner Cable on demand channel 1403 under the “Humanitarian” category. You can log onto or for more information and to learn how you can get involved.

 Animal Fairy Charities, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non profit animal welfare organization based in Franklin, Wisconsin.  The organization raises and distributes funds in support of the missions of other animal non-profit organizations using a federated method.  In addition, Animal Fairy Charities educates and engages young children in compassion through the positive interaction with animals.  Contact: Debra LopezCompany: Animal Fairy Charities, Inc.Phone: 262-989-0604Email: ###         

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