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Forty Days and Forty Nights of 40: Day 3

Forty Days and Forty Nights of 40: Day 3

 "Just Do It."

We all know the popular tagline from Nike.  But, it's a lot easier said than done.  If you're looking for change in your life, it's amazing advice.  However, these days, when you have a good paying job, a roof over your head and people around you to give you support, you may think twice.

The first time I ever moved away from Milwaukee was in 1994 when I took a television job in Nashville, TN.  It wasn't my favorite move and I did it with a friend which made it easier.  I was back in Milwaukee in just five months.  Then, a decade later I was offered a job with the FOX network in LA.  It was a dream job, the top of my career, but a three day drive from home or a three hour flight.  It may have been the most difficult decision of my life and the best.

I just "did it." 

I was turning 35 then and it gave me the confidence, or rather relieved my anxiety about taking a chance.  I said to myself, if you don't move now, you'll never make a move.  I'm glad I did.  I lived the California dream for nearly four years.

Recently, another opportunity presented itself; a chance to move to New York City.  I have always wanted to live there, but it's expensive and what would I do?  THIS is where opportunity leads to opportunity.  Now, as a manager of a restaurant, I've been in front of guests, run the business side and learned how to bartend and buy for an eatery.  All skills I can take with me.  (If you've ever been to NYC you know there is no shortage of restaurants.)  What I really am doing is moving to "do it."  What's is "it?"  Well, as I said, I plan to pay the bills with restaurant work (I have a buddy in the biz in NY), but what I really have set my mind to do is to write more.  I refer to it as my "Carrie Bradshaw" years.  I don't plan on making New York my home, but to make it another stop on my journey.

Now, not everyone can just leave their job, pull up roots and take off for wherever, but I'm leading with my strong hand; I'm single without children and turning 40.  Now, is a perfect time. 

And, I guess that is the point of "just do it;" now IS the perfect time.

Tomorrow... taking time.

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