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Readers Blog: I Wanna go to Boston Buster!

Some Scallywags, a Skinny House, and Some Really Bad Art in Boston


I love all things that are different and unique.  Give me wacky, send me some quirky, and I can always use a little eccentricity.  I’m not originally from here but what made me fall in love with Milwaukee so quickly from the beginning were all the little things that are exclusive to our city. 

Only in good old MKE can you find the Bronze Fonz, the Safe House, Brady Street, a place to hold butterflies in the dead of winter, the crazy Jesus Car (that I swear I see once a day), the beautiful Calatrava addition, Metro Market (my fave), and the word bubbler.

Okay so bubbler isn’t unique to just the city, or the state for that matter since they actually say it in Boston too as I read in another blog, BUT since we share it with them, bubbler is a great way to transition to Boston :0) 

So what is interesting and quirky in Boston? Here are some of the best of the wacky and one-of-a-kind that I discovered in my research and definitely would need to see on a trip.

The Skinny House:  Sometimes referred to as the Spite House because it was said to have been built to block the ocean view of a neighbor simple to spite them, the house itself stands only about 10 feet wide at it’s widest point.  (And we thought living in McCormick at MU was rough).

Scollay Square Giant Tea Kettle: The old “sign” of the Oriental Tea Company, the kettle was part of a large contest in 1875 to guess its capacity.  Basically it’s a giant golden tea kettle that actually creates steam and how awesome is that?!?!

The Museum of Bad Art: With their slogan “Art too Bad to be Ignored” what else can really be said about this one? they celebrate the beauty in the ugliest of artwork proving that there is still hope for all lonely pieces of art on a Saturday night.

and finally…

The New England Pirate Museum:  Complete with mannequins dressed like pirates, the museum claims to be the “most fun-filled place in Salem”.  Even a landlubber lass like meself has to say aye to that!

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