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The 40 Days and 40 Nights of 40: Day 25/26

Spring cleaning in fall anyone?

I'm in the mood.  Clothes to Salvation Army, furniture on Craigslist and Facebook, magazines recycled, keepsakes packed away in rubbermade tubs (lord knows we get enough water in our basements around here).

There's something completely fulfilling (and I'm not an overly motivated person) about puptting on your favoriye tunes and getting rid of sh#t... ya know?

This is the week.  Last week was al about turning 40, this week I'm thinking "Now what do I do about it?"  DOWNSIZE!  Simplicity breeds happiness... and I'm discovering the more I have, the more complicated and less pleasurable my life.  How Zen, eh?  But, I do believe it to be true.  Once I get my car paid off, a few credit cards clean, I'm going to be a much happier man.  Money, I find, to be the most stressful of stresses.  When it's not a worry, my mind and body are freer.  However, each of us get ourselves into this cash crunch and we all have to get ourselves down (can anyone say Taco Bell dollar menu?)

Life is all about choices and now my choice is living light.  You want it? You can have it.  I don't need much, but a mind at peace.


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