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The 40 of 40: Day 30 - A Rant

OK, one of the things that comes with age (I guess) is an intolerance for stupidity.  Remember your parents talking about that loud rock n roll music, or kids playing on their lawn.  That was never going to be me... alas...

So, this morning, TV news went crazy when a police officer was shot in the arm.  The incident happened just after 9am, the coverage was still continued at 10am.  In hopes that they would return to Regis and Kelly, I kept watching only to have the scene described to me while a camera showed the same thing.  THIS IS NOT NEWS - and each station knows it.  It's called "when it bleeds, it leads" and it preys on the darkest, most voyeristic parts of the not-so-intelligent.  This affects the people in about a six block radius, the families of the police officers, the police officers - and that equals about one tenth of one percent of the people in the viewing audience.  REALLY?  

Send it online and let the rest of us watch TV.  It I want someone to describe the alley, the trees, how many cars are parked in the neighborhood... please!

Does this make me old?  No, it just makes me smarter than the people the news stations that believe their viewers are affected by this.  I think WISN's new "promo" talks about when something "is important to you, it's important to us," and TMJ is looking for TRUST.  You lost me.  FOX6, at least they tout the most powerful name in local news... I just don't think this is news.

The Grumpy 40 Year Old - Cheers!

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