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Have You Done Your Friday the 13th Shopping?


Can you believe it? Friday the 13th is tomorrow! There are so many favorite ways to celebrate this stupendous holiday. Here's a few... Volunteer at a paraskevidekatriaphobia shelter. Lead the chorus in heart-warming, delusional chanting of "Thursday the 12th, La, La, La, it's Thursday the 12th, Ho, Ho, Hidee, Ho!" Hey, whatever gets these poor, suffering souls through to Saturday -- it's worth it. If you're passionate about connecting with the real reason for the season, put on your 'Agent of King Philip' costume and walk around your local mall seeking Templar Knights for slaughter. A tip for that extra level of verisimilitude -- I think I saw a sale on plastic swords at the local Worldmart store! Go forth and conquer! For a modern twist on this classic holiday, take the day off from work, make a mess of sloppy joes -- don't spoil the fun with bread -- shutter your windows, draw the curtains and revel in an all day orgy of "Friday the 13th" movies! Don't you loooove the scene where Jason falls down in the snow and can't get up because he's got this thick snowsuit on and can't even move his arms? I die laughing every time. Ah. :) Good times. No matter how you celebrate the season, remember it's all about connecting with the loved ones in your life. And the extra wonderful thing about Friday the 13th celebrations is that those loved ones don't even need to be living any longer! How's that for being just the best, best, bestest? So, what's your favorite Friday the 13th memory? Happy Holidays! Susan Scot Fry


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