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Tiger's Bite

Tiger Woods, according to Forbes Magazine, has become the first athlete to earn over a billion dollars in endorsements and earnings. His famous “Hello World” was plastered everywhere Nike could find space.

He became the best player in the game, on a pace to set every golf record, and quite possibly be known as the best to ever play the game.

His competiveness is unmeasured, his ability to close down the stretch has been clutch, his focus can melt steel, his shots memorable.His play on the course, his generous contributions to charities, and his giving of his time to promote the game has overshadowed his most glaring quality. Tiger has an anger problem.

Whether it is a curse word after a shot that has gone astray, a forceful club slams down on his golf bag, and recently, a condemning blast sending his driver swirling through the gallery; Tiger’s antics are casting a dark shadow over the game.

'Cool-headed' is not a phrase that would fit his personality.

The occasional curse word after the ball fades into the rough, well understandable. Yet Tiger should know more than anyone that every word he mutters will be heard. His every move will be documented, and every club hurl will get back to the young golfer.

As golfers who have love and respect for a great game, the last thing we need is a generation of golfers thinking that throwing clubs into the bushes after a bad drive or embedding a putter into the green after a lip out are acceptable actions on the golf course.

Tiger Woods is a First Tee thumper. His foundation promotes the game to the young people that normally would not have the opportunity to play golf. The qualities being taught are integrity, sportsmanship, and respect for the game. Three things Tiger isn’t emulating on the golf course.

Is it possible superman has become human?Tiger is quickly becoming the best player in the game, to a player that is having trouble keeping it together. His antics on the course are becoming childish, and the excuses tiring. Tiger should no longer be given a pass for his behaviors.

After all he is still the ambassador to the game so many of us love.

People are still going to follow him in record numbers, and if Tiger continues to hurl and slam drivers, who knows what will happen next.

It’s time to rein him in.Tiger most likely will break all the records, yet if he continues to act childish and foolish, he will fall short of the greats that have walked the fairways with class. Accepted defeat with integrity, and handle missed shots quietly and safely.  

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